Title: “Privacy Commissioner Demands Worldcoin Compliance Amid Regulatory Struggles”

May 22, 2024

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PCPD Demands Worldcoin to Cease Data Gathering – Regulatory Challenges Persist


The Hong Kong Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) has demanded that Worldcoin immediately stop using its orb devices to collect data on individuals’ faces and irises. Worldcoin was found to have breached privacy ordinance standards, leading to regulatory challenges.


The Privacy Commissioner Chung Lai-ling has taken action against Sam Altman’s iris-scanning startup, Worldcoin (WLD), for violating data protection standards. The recent development reveals the PCPD’s directive for Worldcoin to halt the use of orb devices for data gathering.

Main Points

Worldcoin’s breach of privacy regulations, outlined in the Privacy Ordinance, includes issues with data collection, storage, disclosure, access, and correction. The PCPD determined that the collection of iris and face pictures by Worldcoin was unnecessary. Additionally, the 10-year retention period for personal data was deemed excessively long for training AI models.

Furthermore, Worldcoin failed to provide participants with adequate notice of their rights and the purpose of data collection. The lack of Chinese translations for key documents and the failure to ensure participant comprehension were highlighted as violations. Participants were not given the opportunity to ask questions or warned about the risks of sharing biometric data.


Worldcoin’s regulatory challenges have extended beyond the United States, facing resistance in international markets like Hong Kong. The ongoing scrutiny highlights the importance of complying with data protection laws and ensuring transparency in data collection practices.

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