Title: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Nuklai and peaq’s Advanced AI Integration

May 17, 2024


Farmsent Partners with Nuklai and peaq for AI Integration


Nuklai and peaq have announced an integration to enhance AI and data monetization tools for decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs), starting with the global Web3 marketplace for farmers, Farmsent.


Nuklai and peaq have joined forces to provide advanced AI and data monetization tools for DePINs, with a focus on Farmsent, a Web3 marketplace for farmers. This collaboration aims to leverage Nuklai’s smart data infrastructure to enhance solutions and monetization opportunities within the peaq ecosystem.

Main Points:

The integration between Nuklai and peaq aims to expand AI and data tools for DePINs, utilizing Nuklai’s smart data ecosystem to improve data quality and monetization. The partnership addresses the growing number of IoT devices generating vast amounts of data, offering solutions for sharing, evaluating, and monetizing data within the peaq ecosystem.

The collaboration with Farmsent, a blockchain-based marketplace for farmers, enhances data sharing and optimization within the global food supply chain. Farmsent’s decentralized product passports (DePPs) provide transparency and trust in the agricultural sector by recording and verifying the journey of products.

Nuklai’s AI engine will process and analyze agricultural data collected by Farmsent, offering valuable insights and contributing to a data-driven agricultural future. The partnership with peaq and Nuklai is expected to optimize processes, open new business opportunities, and empower small farmers while enhancing transparency and food security.


The collaboration between Nuklai, peaq, and Farmsent signifies a significant step towards enhancing smart farming practices with advanced AI tools. By integrating data monetization and AI infrastructure, the partnership aims to revolutionize the agricultural sector and contribute to global food security while providing mutual benefits to all parties involved.