Title: “Revolutionizing AI Management with droppLink: Blockchain meets AI for Ethical Development”

May 17, 2024

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Article Summary


DroppGroup introduces droppLink, a groundbreaking intelligent service platform merging blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to revolutionize AI management and development.


DroppGroup has unveiled droppLink, a service platform poised to transform AI management and development by harmonizing blockchain tech and artificial intelligence. This innovative platform democratizes micropayments, empowers consumers with data control, and abstracts computing needs.

Main Points

The droppLink architecture enables consumers to own and control data contributions, while Computational Resource Patrons (CRPs) support infrastructure expenses and earn revenue from facilitated AI processes. Co-Founder and CEO Gurps Rai highlights the platform’s tokenization on multiple blockchains, ensuring data integrity and transparent usage records.

Co-Founder and President Christopher J. Kelly emphasizes droppGroup’s commitment to ethical AI development with droppLink, pushing boundaries in multi-modal AI systems. Kelly will share insights on data integrity in AI at the upcoming AWS Summit, discussing the company’s core values and goals.

As the AI market continues to expand, ethical concerns around data provenance and fair compensation have become prominent. DroppLink addresses these issues by integrating blockchain tech, offering an ethical management layer that is essential in the evolving AI landscape.


DroppLink, available through droppPhygital, aims to revolutionize the AI sector with its strong tokenization, multi-chain integration, and focus on data integrity. By bridging blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, droppLink paves the way for innovation, transparency, and trust in AI development.