Title: “Revolutionizing Cross-Chain Transactions with Uniswap Labs’ ERC-7683 Proposal”

May 20, 2024

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Uniswap Labs Introduces ERC-7683 Proposal for Cross-Chain Transactions

Easing Cross-Network Transactions

A new proposal by Uniswap Labs in collaboration with the Across Protocol aims to establish a unified framework for cross-chain actions using ERC-7683 standards.


Uniswap Labs has taken a significant leap forward by introducing ERC-7683 for cross-chain purposes. The proposal, in partnership with the Across Protocol, seeks to create a standardized approach for defining cross-chain actions within the cryptocurrency space.

Main Points

Uniswap Labs and the Across Protocol have jointly submitted an Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC) for evaluation by the CAKE Working Group. The proposed standard aims to facilitate cross-chain trade execution systems through APIs, easing transactions between different blockchain networks.


The ERC-7683 proposal outlines a common interface for smart contracts and introduces the CrossChainOrder structure to streamline cross-network transactions. Uniswap Labs’ initiative strives to enhance asset trading between blockchains, ensuring interoperability and simplifying cross-chain transactions for users.

This HTML markup summarizes the article about Uniswap Labs’ introduction of the ERC-7683 proposal for cross-chain transactions. The article highlights the collaborative effort with the Across Protocol to establish a standardized framework for facilitating cross-chain actions. It emphasizes the significance of the proposed standard in easing cross-network transactions and enhancing asset trading between blockchain networks.