Title: “Revolutionizing DeFi Trading: Orderly Network and QuickSwap Partnership”

May 23, 2024

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Orderly Network Partnership with QuickSwap


Orderly Network has partnered with Quickswap to launch QuickPerps: Falkor, a decentralized perpetual exchange on Polygon chains, offering enhanced liquidity, cross-chain trading, zero-gas leveraged trading, and a CEX-like experience with advanced order controls.


Orderly Network has recently collaborated with Quickswap to introduce QuickPerps: Falkor, a next-generation decentralized Perpetual Exchange on Polygon chains. This partnership aims to revolutionize DeFi trading by providing innovative features to traders on Polygon PoS.

Main Points

The collaboration between Orderly Network and Quickswap brings several key benefits to DeFi traders on Polygon PoS. These include enhanced liquidity, effortless cross-chain trading, zero-gas leveraged trading, a CEX-like trading experience with advanced order controls, and solving re-org issues with perpetual protocols.

This partnership positions Quickswap as a leading DEX for leveraged trading on Polygon PoS, enabling a surge in trading volume. The collaboration is a significant leap forward for Quickswap and the DragonFi ecosystem, offering users a top-tier leveraged trading experience with deep liquidity and zero-gas fees.

Orderly Network, backed by major investors, has quickly gained traction in the DeFi space since its launch in 2022. With over US$38 billion in trading volume, Orderly has integrated high-caliber decentralized exchanges into its permissionless liquidity layer, catering to DeFi builders and traders alike.


Orderly Network’s partnership with Quickswap signifies a major advancement in DeFi trading on Polygon PoS, leveraging the fast network, low fees, and large user base of Polygon to foster a scalable and user-friendly DeFi ecosystem. The collaboration showcases Orderly’s vision of creating an omnichain protocol for seamless trading across different chains, providing essential services to projects in the DeFi space.