Title: “Revolutionizing Payments: Hong Kong’s e-CNY Wallets Break Boundaries”

May 17, 2024

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Hong Kong Launches e-CNY Wallets for Local Users


The Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the People’s Bank of China have introduced e-CNY wallets for local users, enhancing cross-boundary payment services.


The launch of e-CNY wallets in Hong Kong was announced in a press release on May 17, as part of a project supporting cross-boundary payments initiated in 2019. The e-CNY pilot program is a collaboration between the HKMA and PBoC, focusing on digital fiat currency payment systems.

Main Points

The e-CNY wallets can be accessed using Hong Kong phone numbers and are integrated with the Faster Payment System for easy top-ups. The program aims to improve interoperability and is currently operational with 17 retail banks in Hong Kong, enabling its use in the GBA region and Mainland pilot areas.

Furthermore, the e-CNY initiative aligns with China’s goal of introducing the digital yuan as a convenient alternative to traditional cash payments. This digital currency is designed to compete with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, offering more diverse consumption options for Hong Kong residents.

The Chief Executive of HKMA emphasized the expansion of the Hong Kong e-CNY to provide a payment method accessible round the clock, catering to the evolving needs of users for seamless transactions.


The launch of e-CNY wallets in Hong Kong signifies a significant step in the cross-boundary payment expansion strategy outlined by HKMA and PBoC earlier this year. This development follows the introduction of six BTC and Ethereum ETFs in Hong Kong in late April, showcasing the region’s increasing focus on digital currency innovations.