Title: “Sui’s Mysticeti Protocol Redefines Blockchain Transaction Speeds”

May 21, 2024

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Sui Sets New Standard for Blockchain Transaction Speeds


Sui’s new Mysticeti protocol on Testnet reduces consensus latency by 80% to 390 ms, showcasing its industry-leading performance and throughput ahead of its Mainnet launch this summer.


Sui, a cutting-edge Layer 1 blockchain, has announced the successful deployment of its innovative Mysticeti consensus protocol, demonstrating remarkable advancements in transaction speeds and CPU efficiency on its Testnet platform.

Main Points

Developed from extensive research on Byzantine fault tolerance, Mysticeti supersedes the previous Narwhal-Bullshark protocol by enhancing transaction speeds and reducing CPU requirements for validators. Sui’s object-oriented architecture allows for different transaction processing based on object characteristics, ensuring low latency for all transaction types across the network. Mysticeti optimizes shared object transactions through efficient BFT consensus, maintaining high throughput with minimal cross-validator communication.


With a groundbreaking reduction in latency and increased transaction capacity, Mysticeti signifies a major breakthrough in blockchain technology, positioning Sui as a leader in speed and scalability. The collaborative effort between research, engineering, and validators has propelled Sui to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation, promising a seamless experience for developers and users alike.