Title: “Unveiling the Intriguing Shifts at IOTA Foundation: Internal Changes and Future Prospects”

May 22, 2024

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Article Summary: IOTA Foundation’s Internal Changes


IOTA Foundation initially planned to bring external expertise into its management team but has now opted for internal solutions. The delayed appointment of new board members and challenges in project implementation have led to criticism and skepticism regarding the foundation’s future prospects.


In a surprising turn of events, IOTA Foundation’s CEO, Dominik Schiener, had announced plans to introduce new faces to the board for a fresh direction. However, recent developments show a shift towards internal restructuring and a lack of progress in key initiatives, raising concerns within the crypto community.

Main Points

Despite the initial buzz around external additions to the board, the recent appointments of Anja Raden and Jan Misselwitz, both long-standing members, have failed to meet expectations. The delay in integrating the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) into IOTA further highlights operational challenges and setbacks.

With ongoing personnel changes and project delays, the foundation’s credibility has been questioned, leading to doubts about its ability to deliver on promises and maintain partnerships. The internal focus and unresolved issues have cast a shadow on IOTA’s comeback strategy and future growth prospects.

Conclusion: IOTA comeback a hopeless endeavor?

As IOTA struggles to meet milestones and faces criticism for its leadership decisions, the foundation’s reputation and progress seem uncertain. The lack of external expertise and persistent challenges in project execution raise doubts about the foundation’s ability to regain momentum and compete effectively in the crypto space.


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