Title: “White House Challenges FIT 21 to Safeguard Digital Assets”

May 22, 2024

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White House Opposes FIT 21 Bill: What Investors Need to Know


The White House opposes the FIT 21 bill, citing inadequate investor protection in digital asset transactions. This stance signals a commitment to collaborate with Congress to enhance the legal framework for digital assets.


The White House has raised concerns about the FIT 21 bill’s failure to adequately protect investors and consumers in the digital asset market. This opposition underscores the administration’s dedication to improving regulatory measures for digital assets.

Main Points

The government criticizes H. R. 4763 for not providing sufficient safeguards for investors and consumers in digital asset transactions, advocating for a comprehensive legislative approach. Unlike previous instances, future discussions about FIT 21 remain open, indicating a commitment to enhancing digital asset regulation.

SEC Chair Gary Gensler has criticized the FIT 21 Act for potentially creating regulatory gaps in financial markets. Gensler emphasizes the risks of allowing companies to evade SEC oversight through claims of decentralization.


The opposition to FIT 21 by the White House highlights the ongoing efforts to strengthen investor protection and consumer rights in digital asset transactions. This development underscores the importance of collaborative initiatives between the government and Congress to enhance the legal framework for digital assets.

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