To The Point – Issue #3

Jun 22, 2012

For those of us that hate reading fluff, here are the highlights of what’s going on in the industry.

  • Remember during Nintendo’s E3 press conference how something seemed to go terribly wrong near the end? Well, it’s safe to say that was supposed to be the reveal of the 3DS XL which, instead, debuted at midnight this morning. As expected, it is a bigger version of the 3DS. I think that means you’ll have to cross your eyes less to see the 3D.
  • Nintendo bought the IP rights to Fatal Frame and also announced a new Kirby game collection. While polar opposites, this does not mean Nintendo will start producing horror games. Instead, you’ll never ever see another Fatal Frame title.
  • Bruce Campbell, the greatest actor of his generation, will be handing the tutorial for the new Amazing Spider-Man Game. Honestly, it’s the only reason I’m going to play that game. But the movie looks dope.
  • A new Professor Layton is coming to 3DS! When? November!
  • A new Animal Crossing is coming to 3DS! When? Who the hell cares!?
  • Blizzard is restricing new Diablo 3 online buyers to a 13 level cap for 72 hours. The stated logic: prevent hackers. The truth: don’t know.

I’m out.

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