To The Point – Issue #4

Jul 9, 2012

For those of us that hate reading fluff, here are the highlights of what’s going on in the industry.

  • The big news of the week: Sony bought Gaikai. What this means is we now know for certain Sony is going to have cloud streaming for games on the PS4 and Vita. That may include the PS3 and Sony’s Bravia TV line.
  • TellTale released Episode 2 of the Walking Dead. They also hinted at a second season for their lauded gaming series. TellTale…keep it coming.
  • Paul McCartney is writing music for Bungie. I can’t wait to hear the former Beattle’s next hit: Yellow Covenant Battleship. Really, you know you’re out of options when you’re writing music for Bungie.
  • A new Rambo game is coming to PC. Yup.
  • Spoiler: the new Amazing Spider-Man game sucks. If you’re surprised, I’m sorry.
  • Some dude just out video-gamed Sony and used a dev kit make PC games playable on the Vita WITH TOUCH AND MOTION CONTROLS! How is it that nobody at Sony thought of this first?

I’m out.

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