To WARD Against Further Infections

Sep 8, 2022


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The Ward Cvr

At times certain medical measures, even those deemed extreme or invasive, are necessary. The logic is the immediate discomfort is outweighed by the recovery made possible. This can be anything from breaking a bone so it sets right to a shot in the arm. The objective is ensuring things get back to normal; that healing occurs. In the final issue of The Ward, Nat Reeves finds her life about to lose all normalcy. And with a sickness spreading through the city this physician has no time to heal herself.

The Ward # 4

Dark Horse Comics

Written By: Cavan Scott
Art By: Andres Ponce
Letters By: Mauro Mantella

You might say there are several similarities to the story from writer Cavan Scott and an infection. You could even use the screaming outbreak from The Ward # 4 as an example. The patients and residents working in The Ward exist under the surface. St. Lilith’s Hospital is situated on the same streets as other locations in Kirton, Illinois; hidden by means of a veil. That doesn’t mean it is completely undetectable. A secret the size of St. Lilith’s is impossible to keep; unmistakable symptoms requiring investigation and intervention.

Throughout the series Andres Ponce has been able to provide readers with glimpses at these otherworldly creatures at some of their most vulnerable moments. Giant’s giving birth, banshee’s overdosing and the collapse of an inter-dimensional sweatshop and the resulting casualties are nothing for Dr. Natalie Reeves, Dr. Cervantes and the rest of the staff of St. Lilith’s. This indicates that like an infection, St. Lilith exists for a reason. To protect the “ordinary” citizens of Kirton from the secret.

The Doc is Ethereal

Though St. Lilith seems like it’s Nat’s whole world, it is a small sample. That appears to be the concern of the cult, The League of Adam. While nurses and EMTs like Ceri and Lydia can pass for “normal” – and Luis may regain his humanity – there is a lot that society would see as super-unnatural. What other infections are out there? Still it seems The League was acting on a misdiagnosis since Dr. Kumasaka and St. Lilith receive funding from the mayor’s office. Without more studies and research, readers may never discover. With Ward # 4 being the final issue, hopefully this knowledge does not end up with Dr. Inpu.

It isn’t hard to imagine normal citizens of Kirton viewing the creatures from The Ward as an infection. But a healthy populace is a happy populace. The Ward # 4 finds both types of Kirton’s citizens in danger. Will the actions taken by Natalie Reeves for St. Lilith, the city, and maybe even the world(?) be viewed as a solution or another side effect.

Score: 8.6

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