Tobuscus Adventures Wizards: Review

Apr 3, 2015

IMG_1086 Early June 2013 I decided I would take my first plunge into backing a project on the popular site IndieGoGo. I had never done anything like it and was not sure about it after hearing horror stories of campaigns raising money and then failing to deliver. What made me take the plunge were two things helped me say “Here, take my money.” The first was that if the campaign did not meet its goal my money never left me. The second reason was a YouTuber named Tobuscus. Okay, so his real name is Toby Tuner, but you get the idea.

I had been a huge fan of Toby since early 2010 and loved watching his Literal trailers, parody songs, and his Toby sucks at Video games series. He was, and still is, my favorite YouTuber that I am subscribed to. Toby wanted his own game and made an IndieGoGo campaign. His goal was to raise $240,000 in only 30 days to make Tobuscus Adventures Wizards a real game. Toby has 15,000,000+ combined subscribers over his three YouTube channels and that doesn’t include any of his growing social media fanbase! Needless to say his campaign got fully funded in 2 days! By the time the 30 days were up, he had raised $644,301, and his campaign had been funded by 268%. I was excited, just like everyone else that donated I imagine, that I had been a part of something like this and helped make it happen.

IMG_1087Now lets skip ahead to March 20th, 2015 the day the game FINALLY became available on the Apple App store. Everyone that contributed to the campaign on any level was promised a free copy of the game for Apple products, but there was one MAJOR problem with that. Toby had to manually “Gift” the app to each of the 1,000+ contributors one at a time! Toby said in a video about the game that it went way over budget even with the extra money raised and so That in turn caused the app to be a $4.99 app in the app store. If you wanted to be the first to play the game and you were not willing to wait to have it gifted to you then you had to fork out the cash.

It took 4 days after the release to get my “Gift” copy of the game, and I have played through the first section of map. The game is incredibly fun to play and mixes cut scenes with gameplay and feels like one of Toby’s animated adventures come to life! Now Toby said in the same video that when the game is released it will have some bugs in it but nothing that are game breaking. After playing through the first whole map I have found a few small things here and there but nothing crazy that make the game unplayable. Its been almost 2 weeks and there has not been an update released yet. With how long it took to even get the game made, I don’t imagine updates will come incredibly quickly, but I believe its all downhill from here. Android and Steam users have also been promised the game and hope to see it come out before the end of May.IMG_1088


You will want to revisit level 2 for this glitch.

Game Glitch: During my time playing the game I discovered a small glitch that can come in handy and save you some of your gold coins. When you reach the 2nd level of the game you start out with slightly damaged health and lowered mana. This allows the games items salesmen, The Profit, to pop up and teach you about buying items during the battles for an added “shipping fee.” At this point he lets you buy 3 health and 3 mana potions for free. My first time playing it let me keep clicking the free button until I had 5 out of 3 health potions! Same thing happened with my mana potions and it would let me do it every time I restarted the level. After doing that for a solid 15 minutes I had over 300 of both the potions! Yes its cheating, but trust me, it comes in handy especially if you’re the person like me who wants to get 3 stars on every level! Two things that will mess this up are upgrading your potions max capacity and hitting the skip button while they are talking. If you want to take advantage of this glitch do it fast before an update fixes it. Watch out for those two things and you’ll be on your way to OP town!

As you can see in this screen shot I have 31/10 Mana Potions! Score!

As you can see in this screen shot I have 31/10 Mana Potions! Score!

If you love comedy adventure games about zombies and playing games on mobile devices then this is a must own. It is well worth the price in the app store and I am happy that when everyone beats the game my name appears in the credits! If you enjoy Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards keep an eye out for his next game that is reported to come out next month and be a free-to-play!

Do you like Tobuscus or own his game? Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite part or video! If you have found other glitches make sure to share them with the rest of us! If you would like to buy the game or check out some more info about how it all started check the links below!

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