Todd McFarlane announces Spawn’s Universe

Feb 18, 2021

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Ever since Spawn eclipsed the 300-mark, readers have seen Todd McFarlane grow the world he first created alongside the Image Comics brand. But, it appears that was just the tip of the iceberg. McFarlane had plans to expand his story beyond the pages of Spawn.

“I’m about to give you, what I consider, the single-biggest news that I can announce since the formation of Image comic books and more importantly, the release of Spawn issue No. 1,” McFarlane said via Instagram Thursday. “I don’t say that lightly. It may seem hyperbolic, but I don’t believe (it is). Because this plan that I have is not just for now, it is a decades-long plan. And I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.”

McFarlane announced that June will mark the beginning of the Spawn’s Universe.

The growth of the brand begins with the release of Spawn’s Universe #1. This one-off will help set the table for the three new monthlies to come out of the Spawn’s Universe.

In addition to Spawn, there will be King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn and The Scorched — the latter of which is a team book where “every one of those characters has been burnt at some point.”

And the legendary comic book creator has put together quite the team for this venture, announcing the following creators will be involved in some capacity, in addition to McFarlane himself: Greg Capullo, Mark Silvestri, Donny Cates, Sean Murphy, Jason Shawn Alexander, J. Scott Campbell, Art Adams, Carlo Barberi, Brett Booth, Jim Cheung, Mike del Mundo, Javier Fernandez, David Finch, Kevin Keane, Ales Kot, Puppeteer Lee, Sean Lewis, Ben Oliver, Stephen Segovia, Paulo Sequeira, Marcio Takara, Jonathan Glapion and Frank Quitely.

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