Tom Holland woos the fans at Comicpalooza

Jun 3, 2018

During Comicpalooza last week, Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland was one of the amazing celebrity guests in attendance taking photos and singing autographs for the fans.  Imagine hundreds of people dressed up as a Spider-verse character roaming around the halls of the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX, it felt like I was among my people, as a fellow fan of Spider-Man.

Tom hosted a panel for fans which was quite entertaining and as charming as you expected it to be from the 22 year old. Tom treated fans to some hilarious stories about him spoiling Infinity War to a group fans at a theater to how he got the role of Spider-Man. Tom asked the fans who’s birthdays it was or were coming up and brought 3 lucky individuals on stage. Although Tom was a delight, he also brought up an adorable kid who appeared to be one of Tom and Spider-Man’s biggest fans.

You can watch the entire panel below. It’s a great one and kudos to the lucky kids who got to join Spidey on stage.

(video credited to dorkFish Labs)

Looks like the feeling was mutual as Tom took to social media to share his weekend at Comicpalooza. Check out the compilation of his Instagram stories below:

After the panel, organizers invited everyone dressed as Spider-Man, or a Spider-verse hero to the stage to take a group photo.

Check out the full gallery below:

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