Tools for Improving a PC Gaming Experience

May 31, 2024

As much as it hurts to admit it, the age of simple gaming has passed. The time when you could insert a CD or cartridge into a machine and instantly jump into an experience has gone the way of the dodo, but this isn’t all bad. Gaming isn’t as convenient as it was, but it is far more diverse.

The range of experiences available today far outshines anything available before, even if we have to jump through more steps to get the most from it. So, what tools can help us mitigate the challenges we face today, and which are worth your attention?

Connectivity and Convenience

Being able to connect all your games through one online account on a PC is extremely helpful. Not being able to access a full library because of your location is the exact opposite of helpful. This is where tools like the ExpressVPN Chrome extension come in. This simple tool blocks ads and also lets you connect to different areas and markets so you can purchase and play games without the concern of geo-blocking. 


Next up are password managers, which are also an increasingly necessary part of modern computing life. Fortunately, this is one area where modern simple solutions can save the day. Look for systems that use biometrics and you’ll be able to sidestep the painful password-remembering process, to save enormous time and frustration.

Views and Controls

Big, fast, and expensive monitors can be attractive, but they’re also often unnecessary. A common mistake we see today is users paying for high-resolution and frame-rate monitors for systems that can’t output both high resolutions and frame rates. There’s no point buying something like the Samsung Odyssey Neo if you have a CPU and GPU that can’t take advantage of it, or if your games don’t support its resolutions. Instead of throwing away money on that 4K or 144hz jump, check if 1440p and 120hz are more up your alley, and then consider the cost savings of this route.

The final big mistake we see new and veteran players make is going for gimmicky controllers. For input systems, more doesn’t necessarily mean better. An MMO mouse with a dozen thumb buttons might look cool, but it’s not going to help you play an FPS, at all. Instead, focus on the right tool for the right job. If you like using your computer as a retro N64 emulator, for example, you might have real use for a Retro-Bit 64 controller. If you play contemporary games like Elden Ring, a PS4 controller would be a better bet. In an FPS, a mid-level mouse and keyboard would manage the best.

Razer Naga 2014 MMO Gaming Mouse

Our final tip for readers looking to upgrade is to read user reviews before making any purchase. You never really know what issues hide beneath the surface, and individual reviewers can miss what big groups of testers don’t. For the sake of your wallet and a purchase you can be happy with, choose carefully, and you could find a tool that will make you happy for years to come.