Top 10 Essential Gaming Accessories to Complete Your Setup

Feb 22, 2022

These days, gamers are leveling up and enhancing their performance with modern accessories that boost their overall ‘gaming setup aesthetic’. But, what exactly does this even mean? And, how can you even begin to decide which accessories are the right investment for you? Don’t log off just yet, we’re here to help.

Photo by John Petalcurin from Pexels

Every gamer is on a different level of experience, and making large purchases as a new gamer can be expensive. Regardless, if you’re playing solo or online, just starting out, or have been in the gaming scene for a while now; you can always upgrade your PC setup over time, and at your own pace. You don’t want to have slow load speed or feel uncomfortable, especially if you’re streaming for a live audience on Twitch. This can easily ruin the activity for you and your audience when video games are supposed to create a memorable, interactive, and fun experience. 

After you have your basic gaming rig in place, the accessories are what enhance the setup, and where you can really get creative. Remember to factor in performance, durability, and price to ensure it’s right for you in the long term, remember these accessories can add up. Here is a list of our ten favorite accessories your setup shouldn’t go without in order to give you the ultimate battle station. 

Versatile Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Any mouse and keyboard combination can work with your gaming setup. However, investing in a mouse and keyboard made specifically for gaming will be a more beneficial decision for lightning-quick response time. These offer so many more features than any regular technology, from RGB lighting to customize your setup, to programmable buttons to boost your performance. Your keyboard can also include a detachable wrist rest to avoid fatigue and textured keycaps. The key caps can be changed to whatever design best suits your aesthetic as there are endless choices. Consider going wireless, and including a large mouse pad for easier access which enables you to easily maneuver around. 

Ergonomic Desk

A quality mouse and keyboard combo mean nothing without a desk meant for them. While you might already have a desk, it’s crucial to think about if you have one that best suits your gaming lifestyle. In terms of functionality, your desk can turn a casual gaming area into professional gaming headquarters. If you’re someone who enjoys ample desk space and has many items on display, consider an L-shaped desk with shelving and bigger depth. Or, if you’re someone who prefers to stand while gaming, an adjustable standing desk might be the best choice to stretch your legs out. You can also opt for a desk that has elevated surfaces, extended legroom, plus the ability to install headphone holders, a desk fan, and similar attachments. 

Organized Cable Management

There are countless pieces and parts that work to make your setup fully functional any time you’re ready to enjoy a video game. Unfortunately, not everything supports Bluetooth capabilities, such as your PC itself and monitors. Cords can be neatly tucked away with a management tray, cord sleeve, or in a box, especially if you have a power strip with a lot plugged in. This not only maintains the clean design of your setup but also ensures your cables are in order and easily reachable for quick access. If you have pets who could chew on the cords, this organization method will also keep both your computer and pets safe.

Comfortable Gaming Chair

If you go long hours playing video games in any regular chair, you’re likely going to experience some back pain. Hunching over for hours each day can lead to serious back problems over time. Most chairs specifically built for gaming, feature a high-back design, a head pillow, a lumbar pillow, and height-adjustable armrests to promote better posture when sitting correctly. Most of them also have the function to tilt back from 90 to 160 degrees, so you can find the most comfortable position. With the right gaming chair, you can promote better posture any time you’re ready to game. 

Space-Saving Monitor Arm

If you’re still using the original stand that came with your monitor, you may want to replace them with a desk mount. This accessory drastically clears up space and is more ergonomically friendly. What’s more, it also protects you from sitting too close to the screen as this can cause eye strain. One thing’s for sure, gaming requires plenty of multitasking. A single or dual monitor arm can place your view in the perfect spots so you don’t ever miss a thing. 

Protective Blue Light Glasses

Computer screens emit blue light, which leads to eye strain. If you game for long periods of time, this can become detrimental to your gaming experience and overall health. Plus, it often messes with your sleep schedule by tricking your brain into thinking it’s daytime. You can turn down the brightness of your screen or turn on a blue light filter, although doing so can take away from the graphics of the game. You can easily reduce your exposure to blue light and eye fatigue by shopping for a reliable pair of blue light blocking glasses. This accessory can even help enhance the images on the screen. The benefits of investing in these gamer-friendly spectacles don’t just stop at a more comfortable gaming experience either. Wearing blue light glasses can also allow gamers to play for longer without causing long-term potential eye damage.

Immersive Customizable Lighting

Take the lighting ideas in your space up a notch by adding monitor backlights and geometric-shaped wall light panels that can also serve as art. Place dimmable, color-changing LED strip lighting along the walls and furniture to brighten up the entire room. What’s great about these is that they’re subtle and give sufficient lighting to any area as they easily stick to surfaces. Even adding a simple lamp can help go easy on your eyes when playing in the dark. Don’t forget about your PC as well, try adding color-changing fans. You can also consider smart lighting to change the ambiance with just a quick tap on your phone or with sound activation. Lighting always offers a unique gaming environment whether you’re playing something scary or adventurous. 

Ideal Gaming Headset

A quality gaming headset can fully immerse you in your gaming experience unlike any other accessory. Consider going wireless to avoid dealing with the frustration of tangled wires while you game. Over-the-ear cushioned gaming headsets are assembled to be incredibly comfortable for long hours of play, and ones like the well-loved Razer’s offer exceptional spatial awareness compared to cheaper headsets. THX Spatial Audio delivers advanced 7.1 surround sound that can pinpoint the precise location of enemy gunfire and encompass you with a rewarding win. They also come equipped with a microphone, so you can communicate swiftly and clearly with your teammates or opponents during multi-player games. 

High-Quality Speakers

When you’re not using headphones to game, you still want to feel as though you’re really in the world of the game itself. With high-quality speakers around your gaming space, the surround sound and bass can truly make a first-person shooter or action game sound realistic. Some speakers also support Bluetooth, so you can quickly control them with your phone. Immersive audio can make or break your entire gaming experience. Enjoy the soundtrack and ambient noises of the world you’re playing in, and watch and listen as it effortlessly comes to life. 

Reliable Wi-Fi Routers

The aesthetics of a gaming setup is top priority for many players, but it’s important to remember your internet speed in relation to gameplay. Playing PC games online requires a strong, reliable internet connection. Even a momentary drop in speed can interfere with your gaming performance. Ideally, it’s best to have your computer directly connected to your Wi-Fi router via Ethernet. Though that isn’t always possible depending on where the wires are placed in your house. Wi-Fi router extenders create a strong, consistent connection to the internet throughout your entire place. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice the area of your setup for stable internet connection.

With the notable cognitive benefits of gaming, investing in your setup can prove to be worth your time, with immeasurable long-term benefits. What it really comes down to is; how you can create an aesthetically pleasing setup that helps you feel comfortable for hours playing, while also featuring the best visuals and audio. Whether you play for fun or business, accessories like these can completely transform the fully immersive experience you get while gaming, taking your skills to the next level.