Oct 29, 2014

For the month of October, we are highlighting the top villains in gaming. Andrew, Jeff, and Jeremie have teamed up to take all those guys you love to hate, and rank them. We will reveal them to you in a countdown, starting with #31 and ending with #1 on Halloween. Check us out each day of the month to see where your favorite villains rank!


#3: Mother Brain

First Appearance: Metroid

Most Noteworthy Appearance: Super Metroid

I love the Metroid series, so perhaps I am a tad bit biased when it comes to today’s top villain, but I think that we’re totally justified in placing it in the #3 spot. It’s rare that a moment in a video game impacts the gamer on almost the same level as it does the protagonist of the game. In Metroid’s case, the protagonist is Samus Aran, the galaxy’s most notorious and mysterious galactic bounty hunter. After traveling to Planet Zebes for the purpose of stopping a group of dreaded Space Pirates from exploiting Metroids for their own nefarious interests, Samus must persevere through the alien terrain and enemies that lie in wait.

For its time, the atmosphere and music was like something from another world. There was no doubt that Metroid was a one-of-a-kind game. After making her way to the final portion of this game, Samus came face-to-face with the bizarre and demented final boss, Mother Brain. Mother Brain was basically a giant brain encased in glass. It was a difficult battle on the NES Metroid, dodging blasts of energy balls and trying to get your shots in where you could. And if you’ve played Super Metroid, Mother Brain’s appearance is even more frightening and grotesque. I’m talking about a giant humanoid body that has a brain for a head, with spikes protruding from it.

At the climax of the Super Metroid battle with Mother Brain it looks as though Samus is going to lose, but a baby Metroid sacrifices itself in order to save Samus and in giving its life, helps her defeat Mother Brain. This singular moment and battle with Mother Brain serves as a catalyst for everything that happens afterward in the Metroid series. Samus is forever changed by this encounter and so was I. As terrifying as Mother Brain was, I still am in awe of what that moment means to this franchise and to those who have played this timeless experience.