Top 5 Comic Covers for 2/17/16

Feb 17, 2016

Mad Cave Studios


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Every week I go to the comic shop and see a plethora of books. Its pretty overwhelming. I see so many covers and outstanding art that I want to buy all the books. Comic books are one of the few times you can judge a book by its cover. Seeing your favorite character or artist can lead you to buy a book. An eye catching or colorful cover could even make you start picking up a new series.

I thought it’d be fun to take a look at what I thought were the best looking comic book covers for the release week of February 17, 2016.

Avengers Standoff 1 (Medium)#5. Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill #1
Marvel Comics
Written by: Nick Spencer
Art by: Mark Bagley
Variant Cover by: Skottie Young

I’ll admit off the bat that I am a huge Skottie Young fan boy. I actually had to limit how many of his covers I’d put on the list. Of all the various covers he drew this week, I liked the Avengers Standoff the most. I love his art style and his comedic depiction of the characters. Especially old man Steve here complaining about the large hill.




Huck 4 (Medium)#4. Huck #4
Image Comics
Written by: Mark Millar
Art by: Rafael Albuquerque
Variant Cover by: Rafael Albuquerque

Huck has been a pretty good series. What made me take interest in the series was, you guessed it, the covers. When I saw Huck #1, I was intrigued because the cover was an homage to the movie “Field of Dreams”. Each following issue has pretty much been some movie reference in one way or another. This time, Albuquerque has done the cover in the style of the famous “E.T.” finger glow. I am very excited to see what other cover swipes he has in store for us in the future.




Silver Surfer 2 (Medium)#3. Silver Surfer #2
Marvel Comics
Written by: Dan Slott
Art by: Mike Allred
Variant Cover by: Chip Zdarsky

I haven’t followed the Silver Surfer series since the relaunch of Marvel’s titles, but there always seems to be at least one cover that stands out. This time it’s the second issue. I love that fact that Surfer appears to be acting as a doctor for Galactus. Even going so far as to use his board as a tongue depressor. Perhaps with all of the Power Cosmic Silver Surfer possesses, he’ll be able to cure Galactus’ ails.




Star Wars 16 (Medium)#2 Star Wars #16
Marvel Comics
Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Mike Mayhew
Cover by: Terry Dodson

I’ve been seeing this cover pop up as ads in various Marvel titles and I absolutely love it. Dodson’s artwork is some of the finest in the business. I’m not sure what it is about this cover that I like so much, but it just really seems to stand out with all of the various whites and shadows. Perhaps its just the cool image of Leia overlooking all the captured stormtroopers. I’m not sure what it is, but I absolutely adore it.




Steam Man 5 (Medium)#1 The Steam Man #5
Dark Horse
Written by: Mark Alan Miller and Joe R. Lansdale
Art by: Piotr Kowalski
Cover by: Piotr Kowalski

The Steam Man is a series I had never heard of before glancing at this cover. It definitely has me intrigued though. The cover seems to show a zombie like creature dragging a man through a desolate wasteland towards an incredibly Lovecraft inspired creature. All the dark tones on this cover truly paint a bleak picture. Perhaps I’m attracted to it because the style is very similar to that of Arthur Suydam, the artists most famous for his Marvel Zombies work. Or maybe because it reminds of of Frank Frazetta’s various paintings. Whatever it is, Kowalski has definitely made a cover that drags me in and wants to discover what is going on.


There are still a bunch of other books out there this week with some really great covers! Its hard to narrow it down to just five, but there they are. What were some of your favorite comic book covers this week? Are there any artists you grab if you see their work? We’d love to hear from you. So until next week, keep reading those comics!