Top 5 Metal albums of 2017 So Far…

Mar 20, 2017

We are three and a half months into 2017, and I have heard some great metal albums. I thought why not give you my picks as the best so far of this new year. Every sub genre in the metal category has ventured into my earlobes. Although my favorite type would be thrash metal I do enjoy a good glam metal band too. I know one thing that I do get a lot of flack for is that I tend to enjoy my eighties and nineties bands more then the new bands on the block. This year I vowed I would open up and invest more time into listening to independent bands and unknown bands to me. By looking at my top five so far you will see I have kept my vow and even have three bands new to me in my top five. One thing in common with this top five is that they rock and rock hard. Without further ado I present my top five metal albums so far of 2017. Get those horns up!

5. Black Anvil – As Was

The black metal band from New York yes I said New York. I know most black metal bands seem to originate overseas but not this American band. They opened up the new year with their release on January 13th and it is still in my top five. They have some great guitar riffs on this album that would even make a thrash band blush. Overall it is still a black and gloomy atmosphere to this album. If you like black metal you need this in your collection.

4. Dead Earth Politics РThe Mobius Hammersmith 

This heavy metal band out of Texas is a new find for me. Yes I know they have been around. What impresses me the most of this band is the strong vocals of Ven Scott. I have been listening to this album a lot lately. I believe this band will get bigger and we will see a lot more of them in the future.

3. Overkill – The Grinding Wheel

As I mentioned above thrash metal is my favorite kind of metal. Well when you talk thrash metal Overkill always has to be towards the top of the list. This is the bands 18th studio album. They have been a mainstay of metal since the early eighties. From the first song on the album Mean Green Killing Machine to the final song Emerald you will be banging your head non-stop.

2. Soen – Lykaia

This is another band that i just found out about this year. This is their 3rd studio album. What turned me onto them was that the drummer from Amon Amarth and Opeth was joining them. They have their own unique sound that will just draw you in and make you hit repeat on your Itunes. If I had to pick a band similar to them I would pick Tool. After listening to this album on repeat I bought their other two albums. I would consider myself a big fan now.

1. Obituary – Obituary

This album just came out last Friday but I have been listening to it for two weeks now. I always have loved this band. Pure god dam death metal at its finest. This is their tenth studio album and I would even go out on a ledge and say its one of their best. Fast paced and just pure gut punching riffs to make even your mom bang her head. Go buy it now!