Top 5 Things To See At Motor City Comic Con 2022

May 9, 2022

Motor City Comic Con 2022 is nearly here and the excitement is getting palpable. May 13-15th will have the convention coming back to its normal time of the year since the Covid pandemic. The Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, about 30 miles outside of Detroit, will be hosting the event as it has since late 2005. There are many things to be looking forward to at many conventions and this one will not disappoint. Here are the Top 5 things to do at MC3, in no particular order:

Yoda made from scrap metal, seen at 2019 MC3

The Vendors — One of the biggest things for some of us is the collections we have for the undying love of our favorite fandoms. You could be looking for new apparel with your show’s stars on them or new pieces to add to your cosplay of a particular character. There are collectibles of products that haven’t been seen for retail sale for decades of the most classic of series. You will even be able to come across vendors that are making amazing objects out of the most odd materials (I once saw a Yoda created out of old scrap metal). Whether its decals, props or Pops, there will most likely be a vendor that will have something out there for you.

The Celebrities — Most definitely, a huge draw for conventions are the stars of the movies and series that we hold close to us. Personally, I have been able to meet two actors that are very deep in my psyche for roles they’ve done (Brent Spiner for Star Trek: TNG and James Marsters for his narration of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files audiobooks.). This year’s convention will have the likes of William Shatner, Matthew Lillard, Jamie Kennedy and Freddie Prinze Jr just to name a few.

The Panels — To go along with the celebrities attending, many of them will have some sort of panel. Some of these will be the person talking about topics with their moderator, usually with some kind of audience Q&A session. There are panels that will have two competing artists in a sketch duel (with a chance to win the actual artwork). No matter what panel you attend, you are usually in for a treat and sometimes a surprise.

Blasty, The Michigan Wolverine Stormtrooper
during the 2016 Motor City Comic Con

The Cosplay — Whether you are a fan or you are building it yourself, the cosplay that you see at conventions is sometimes more amazing than anything else you see that day. Not only do you see a wide gamut of cosplay (from premade jumpsuits all the way to elaborate, painstakingly crafted outfits) there is also the cosplay contest that occurs on Saturday night at MC3.

The Comradery — This one isn’t so much a thing you can see as much as it is a thing you can feel. When I first went to MC3 in 2016, the feeling of just walking around with my like-minded friends and just seeing and feeling the energy in the air was intoxicating. Going there, seeing the people, hearing the celebrities, feeling the joy that you have walking around is enough to bring me back. I have seen dear old friends there, met new friends and just overall enjoyed being around others that feel in a way like many of us do.

No matter what you go there for, a convention like Motor City Comic Con is a time for enjoyment, celebration and just letting your geek flag fly! This year’s convention will take place May 13-15 (Noon - 7PM Friday, 10AM - 7PM Saturday and 10AM - 5PM Sunday). Tickets are available now.

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