Top Furry Anime: Must-Watch Series and Insights into the Fascinating Furry Fandom

May 23, 2024

Top Furry Anime: Best Series and Furry Fandom Insights

Furry anime, a fascinating style with animal characters that look like people, has become very popular among anime fans. These shows mix human and animal traits to make stories that are both unique and familiar.

Furry anime has a lot to offer, from the complex social relations in “Beastars” to the lively world of “Brand New Animal.” This piece will talk about the most popular furry anime shows, what makes them popular, and what the furry fandom means to culture.

This guide will help you choose the best furry anime to watch, no matter how long you’ve been a fan or how new you are to the genre.

What is Furry Anime?

Furry anime collage with Legoshi, Michiru, and Hana in diverse settings

A subgenre of anime called “furry anime” shows anthropomorphic animals or animals that look like people. A lot of the time, these characters look like humans but have animal ears, tails, or other traits. They are used in many anime shows because they have a unique look and interesting stories.

  • Definition and Characteristics: When you mix human and animal traits in furry cartoons, you get a unique mix of realistic and fantastical elements. These figures that look like people often walk on two legs, talk and show feelings like people.
  • Historical Background: The idea of animals that look like people isn’t new. One early example is “Mickey Mouse,” who has been making people laugh since the early 1900s. When these characters moved from manga to anime, they were used in more complicated stories, which made them more popular.

Anthropomorphic furry anime characters in cityscape and nature

Furry anime has captured viewers with its unique plots and interesting characters. Here are some of the most well-known books in the field that have helped define it.


Beastars” takes place in a world where humans-like animals live together and have to figure out their social roles and who they are as individuals. The story is about a grey wolf named Legoshi who has to deal with his need to hunt and his feelings for a rabbit named Haru.

Themes and Appeal:

  • Looks at complicated ideas like identity, social roles, and the relationship between hunter and prey.
  • Furry fans and anime fans in general like it because it has mature stories and a lot of character growth.

Brand New Animal (BNA)

In “Brand New Animal,” Michiru Kagemori is a person who changes into a tanuki (a raccoon dog) and runs away to Anima City, a safe place for animals that can talk. There, she finds out the secrets of the city and the puzzles behind her change.

Unique Elements:

  • Bright art style and action scenes that move quickly.
  • Many people, including fuzzy people, can relate to the book’s themes of change, acceptance, and identity.

Wolf Children

The human Hana, who rears their two wolf-human hybrid children after falling in love with a wolf-man, is at the center of Wolf Children’s story.

Key Points:

  • It looks at family, identity, and the fight to fit in.
  • Fans of anthropomorphic figures and stories that make you feel things will enjoy this.

Hyper Police

Hyper Police” is about Natsuki, a bounty hunter who is half human and half cat. The story takes place in a future where humans and monsters live together. She works to protect both species while also having problems with who she is.


  • It has parts of science fiction, action, and comedy.
  • includes both human and animal figures, each with their own skills and personality.

Wolf Spice (Spice and Wolf)

Spice and Wolf” is mostly about Holo, a wolf god who can change into a person with cat ears and a tail. She teams up with Lawrence, a traveling trader, to take back her home country.

Important Details:

  • It’s mostly about trade, economics, and the connection between Holo and Lawrence.
  • It’s known for how well it builds characters and tells stories.

Other Notable Mentions

  • Aggretsuko: Follows Retsuko, a red panda navigating office life and expressing her frustrations through death metal karaoke.
  • Tokyo Jungle: A survival game with a distinct story that features a variety of animals that resemble humans.
  • Zootopia: While not anime, its themes and characters resonate with furry fans.

By watching these furry anime shows, fans can enter rich worlds where animals that look like people can represent human feelings and social problems. These stories give you a new way to think about who you are, your place in society, and the draw of anthropomorphic art, whether you’re new to the genre or a seasoned fan.

What Anime Has Furries?

Depiction of characters from "Kemono Friends," "Tokyo Jungle," and "The Promised Neverland."

Furry anime, which shows worlds where humans and animal-like beings live together, is becoming more and more famous. These shows (top recommendations!) are interesting for both furries and people who don’t like furries because they mix dream and reality in a unique way.

Kemono Friends

  • Animals in Japari Park, a big zoo, change into human-like “Friends” because of strange sandstar particles.
  • Mostly about animal friends and the things they do.
  • Contains both educational and entertaining parts, which makes it popular with both furries and non-furries.

Wolf Children

  • It’s about a woman named Hana who is raising her two dog children who can change into humans.
  • Explores family, identity, and feeling of belongingness.
  • Hana and her kids have to figure out how to be both human and animal in a world where both exist.


  • Follows the life of Retsuko, a red panda who works in an office and sings death metal to get rid of her stress.
  • It’s Retsuko and her strange coworkers.
  • Mixes humor with real themes like stress at work and finding your own identity.

Where to Watch?

  • Streaming Platforms: You can watch a lot of these anime shows on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation, among others.
  • Special Features: Some platforms offer extra material like interviews, footage from behind the scenes, and more.

What Should I Watch If I Like Beastars?

Furry anime characters in Japari Park, post-apocalyptic Tokyo, and dramatic scene

If you enjoyed “Beastars,” you’ll likely appreciate other anime with similar themes and anthropomorphic characters. Here are some recommendations.

Kemono Friends

  • It’s about friendship, excitement, and how different animal friends get along with each other.
  • In Japari Park, animals have changed into beings that look like people.

Tokyo Jungle

  • A survival game that takes place in Tokyo after the end of the world, where people have disappeared and animals are fighting to stay alive.
  • It’s a new take on the genre with its interesting idea and wide range of animal characters.

Paru Itagaki’s Works

  • Listen to more of the artists who made “Beastars,” who often write about identity and social roles.
  • Read manga by Paru Itagaki if you like these kinds of stories.

The Promised Neverland

  • It’s about a group of orphans who find out the dark secrets of their perfect home and make plans to escape.
  • Character growth is intense, moral problems, and the fight to stay alive.
  • In a world full of lies and danger, Emma, Norman, and Ray have to find their way.

Key Elements to Look For

  • Characters that look like humans: Look for cartoons with talking animals and characters that look like animals, like having ears and tails.
  • Complex Narratives: Anime with storylines and character growth that are very deep and complicated.
  • Unique Setting: Worlds where people and anthropomorphic animals live together, combining fantasy and reality.

Not only do animal fans like these anime shows, but an even wider range of people do too. The stories are well-told, the characters are well-rounded, and the ideas are powerful.

Is Brand New Animal a Furry Show?

Fans of both furries and people who don’t have furries enjoy the cartoon “Brand New Animal” (BNA). It stands out in the animal anime genre thanks to its unique plot and colorful characters.

  • Characters That Can Change Forms: Some characters in BNA can change from human to animal forms, which is a common feature of furry cartoons.
  • Setting: The cartoon takes place in Anima City, a safe place for these humanoid creatures to escape from everyday life.

Narrative Themes

  • Identity and Acceptance: The story is about Michiru Kagemori, who all of a sudden changes into a tanuki, which is a raccoon dog. Finding out about herself and accepting herself are big parts of her new life.
  • Social Commentary: BNA talks about things like racism and getting along with others, which makes it interesting for both furry fans and other watchers.

Impact on Genre

  • Effects: BNA has had a big impact on the popularity of furry anime by showing how anthropomorphic characters can be used to tell interesting tales.
  • Future Trends: Because of how well it did, more anime makers may want to use similar ideas and character designs in their work.

Am I a Furry If I Like Animals?

When people watch furry cartoons, they often wonder if that makes them a furry. It’s important to know what it means to be a furry and how your character affects that.

Understanding Furries

Definition of a Furry:

  • Interest in Anthropomorphic Characters: Fans of furries like anthropomorphic animals, which are animals that look and act like people, like walking on two legs or making facial expressions.
  • Fandom Activities: Some of the things they can do are go to conventions, make a fursona (a personalized anthropomorphic character), and wear costumes called fursuits, that look like their fursona.

Personal Identification:

  • Enjoyment vs. Identity: Just because someone likes furry anime or cartoons with humanoid figures doesn’t mean they are a furry. It’s about how people see themselves in the furry society and interact with it.
  • Community Participation: Many furries are active in fandom activities, while others may just like the media and not be more involved.

Community Insights

Perspectives from Furries

  • Many different kinds of interests: Furry fans are interested in many different things, such as art, stories, and interacting with other people.
  • Shared Experiences: Many furries feel like they fit in and have fun in the community by doing things like making fursuits, drawing anthro art, and going to science fiction conventions.

Cultural Significance:

  • Acceptance and Expression: The furry community gives people a place to be artistic and accept one’s own differences. It can be especially nice for people who feel different or have unique hobbies.
  • Families and children: Some furries include their kids in the fandom, making it a family-friendly place that values imagination and fun.

Who is the First Furry?

The origins of furry characters and fandom can be traced back to early 20th-century animations and comics, evolving over the decades into the vibrant community we see today.

  • Mickey Mouse was one of the first and most well-known anthropomorphic figures. He first appeared in 1928.
  • Felix the Cat is another well-known character from the age of silent movies that shows how early anthropomorphic art could look real.

Evolution in Media

  • Comics and Cartoons: Around the middle of the 20th century, characters like Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck made anthropomorphic animals more popular, setting the stage for modern furry characters.
  • Anthropomorphic Art: Adding human traits to animals has been an important part of both Western and Japanese culture for a long time, and it has had an impact on many types of media.

Final Thoughts

Furry anime is a unique subgenre of anime that draws fans in with its mix of human and animal features. The characters in these shows look like people, but they walk on two legs, talk, and show human feelings.

Fans love shows like “Beastars,” “Brand New Animal,” and “Wolf Children” because they have interesting stories and complicated characters that explore identity, acceptance, and social roles.

The furry fandom has grown a lot thanks to conventions and online groups where fans share their love through art, stories, and personal experiences. Furry anime takes place in made-up worlds where people and animals interact in creative ways. It’s a unique and interesting experience that appeals to a wide range of people.

Furry anime is a great way to discover this genre, whether you are a seasoned fan or new to it. It’s a captivating mix of fantasy and reality.


What is the appeal of furry anime?

There are a lot of different ways that furry anime mixes human form and animal traits. The stories and personalities are interesting because of this mix.

Is it common for anime to feature anthropomorphic characters?

Yes, anthropomorphic figures are common in anime. That makes the stories more interesting and full.

Do I have to be a furry to enjoy furry anime?

Not at all. Anyone can enjoy furry cartoons. You don’t have to say that you’re a furry.

Are there conventions or communities for furry anime fans?

Yes, there are a lot of events and online groups for fans. Fans can share what they’re interested in at these events and groups.

Can kids watch furry anime?

Some cartoons with fur are good for kids. Before you watch, you should always check the rating and material.