Top Ten Sega Genesis Games

May 22, 2014

How’s it goin’ everybody? Sonicfan here and today I will be writing about my top 10 Sega Genesis games. This is also my first article for Geeks With Wives; hope you enjoy!


    10. Comix Zonecomix zone

One of the most underrated beat-em-ups on the Genesis system, Comix Zone is in the style of Streets of Rage or Final Fight. The one difference is that you’re in a comic book fighting your own comic book creations because you get transported into it by an evil mad scientist named Mortis. The graphics on the game are incredibly colorful and detailed. Each environment is lush and different, and makes you feel like you’re going on an epic adventure to stop a mad scientist. Pick this game up; you won’t regret it.


9. Ristarristar

                Ristar is another really underrated title in the Genesis library, in my humble opinion. Ristar was one of the original ideas for Sonic the Hedgehog (true story). Ristar is the story of, well … Ristar the son of the legendary hero & is summoned by Oruto, the star goddess, to save the Valdii star system and his father the legendary hero, and to stop Kaiser greedy from taking over  the Valdii system.  Pick this one up if you get a chance; it really is an amazing game.


8. Vectormanvectorman

          Ahhh, Vectorman–another Genesis classic. Vectorman is a run-n-gun shooter and platformer in the style of Gunstar Heroes (which came out the same year, I believe). The story of the game begins in the year 2049 and the Earth is already a toxic waste dump by that time. The human race has fled and has left behind an army of mechanized Orbots to clean up the Earth and make it peaceful again. But, the leader of the orbots, Warhead goes insane with power & starts a robot revolution & it is up to the barge pilot Vectorman to stop Warhead from taking over the earth. It is an incredibly detailed game with amazing use of 3d character models & the music is amazing composed by Jon Holland, this is one game you do not want to miss out on.


7. Castlevania Bloodlinesbloodlines

          The only Castlevania game on the Genesis, Castlevania Bloodlines is your typical 2-D side scrolling Castlevania game. With amazing music and graphics, it really pushes the Genesis to its limits, graphically. Each level is vast and detailed with certain parts of the environment being destructible. You get to choose between two main characters, John Morris and Eric Lecarde, to stop Dracula once again. This game is amazing and there are no other words to explain how awesome it is–you have to play it for yourself to see what I mean.


6. Contra Hard Corpscontra

          The only Contra game on genesis (man there are a bunch of Genesis only games aren’t there?).  Five years after Contra 3 and three years after the deaths of Black Viper and Red Falcon, the Hard Corps were sent to stop Colonel Bahamut from using  alien DNA to create a new weapon. The game follows the previous installment and in this one you have four characters to choose from and has 4 weapons slots and one slot for the bomb. This is one of the best looking games on the Genesis console and the music is amazing, like in every contra game. If you can find this game pick it up and give it a shot, you won’t regret playing it.


5. Animaniacsanimaniacs

                   One of the best cartoon based video games on the Genesis, Animaniacs is a 2-D platformer  based on the early 90’s cartoon show where you control the three Warner siblings through five movie parody levels such as Star Wars & Indiana Jones. The Warner siblings want to make their own movie and to do that, they want to collect movie memorabilia from the five levels that they go through. The music is amazing and very cartoony like right out of an episode of Animanics. If you enjoy early 90’s cartoon shows pick this game up and give it a shot you might like it.


4. Streets of Rage 2streets of rage

          My favorite beat-em-up of all time and one of the best Genesis games of all time, Streets ofRage 2 is the sequel to the previous game in the franchise, Streets of Rage, and improves on everything from the original. The music is really well done by composer Yuzo Koshiro, who was inspired by house music at the time and it really shows through. Each of the eight levels that you go through it’s amazingly well put together. The graphics are one of the best on the Genesis and there are very detailed environments in each stage. You can also pick from four different characters: Axel Stone, the rookie cop from the original Streets of Rage, Blaze Fielding, also a cop working with Axel, Max Thunder, who is one of the new characters you can choose from as well as a pro wrestler, and Sammy “Skate” Hunter, the brother of Adam Hunter, who was kidnapped in this game. The four main characters have to stop Mr. X from taking over the city with his crime syndicate & rescue Adam. It is a really enjoyable and fun game, especially with 2 players which you can also duel each other in the duel mode. One of the best games to have for the Genesis. Pick this up if you enjoy Final Fight or Double Dragon.


          3. Rocket Knight Adventuresrocket knight adventures

          A really underrated 2-d platformer, Rocket Knight Adventures tells the story of Sparkster, who must save his kingdom in the world of Elhorn from the evil Devotindos Empire. The graphics are well done, the music is amazing; it makes you feel like you’re on a majestic adventure to save a princess (which is what you are doing) and it is an incredible game all around. This game is a must own for any Sega Genesis fan.


2. Sonic the Hedgehogsonic

          What can I say about this game? This game means so much to me for various reasons; it is the game that started my gaming journey and the 1st game and console I got was this game bundled in with the Genesis. As soon as I pressed start I fell in love with it and it has become my favorite console. This game started an incredibly iconic franchise that has made a return to roots in recent memory. The music is so iconic once you turn on the game you hear the famous Sega tune and you cannot help but smile. Once you begin the very first level, you hear the iconic sound of the green hill zone theme, one of the best video game tracks of all time. Of course you control Sonic and you have to stop Dr. Robotnik from getting the 6 Chaos Emeralds (there were seven added in the sequel) and save all of the animals he has captured in capsules. Sonic the Hedgehog means so much to me because I grew up with it and was the first game I ever played. Play it you will be immersed in an adventure that lasts a lifetime.


1. Sonic 3 & Knucklessonic 3

My number one game and my favorite game of all time is Sonic 3 & Knuckles. This game  improved on everything from Sonic 2. The levels, music (which was composed by Michael Jackson but he went uncredited because of the charges he was facing at the time), and graphics really pushed the Genesis to its limits and showed what the console could do. The game was released first as Sonic 3, but 8 months later Sega decided to release a lock-on cartridge titled Sonic & Knuckles. Once you put in the Sonic 3 cartridge into the Sonic & Knuckles lock-on pack, the game expands into 14 levels instead of seven, plus you have to get 14 Chaos Emeralds instead of seven. Once you collect everything, you get to become Hyper Sonic, which makes you invincible and incredibly fast. This game is my #1 Genesis game and favorite game of all time.


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