Toribash Is The Funniest Fighting Game Ever

Feb 3, 2015


Toribash is a free physics based fighting game where you can control every muscle in your fighter’s body, and it is HILARIOUS. It is very well designed, with its simple, white background and icon on the floor. Sure you just fight – thats the jist of it – but it has so much potential in a users hands; mostly because of the hilarious positions the fighters get into. It also has an insanely huge amount of mods ready to be used the second you start playing. They alter gameplay so that its always a different set of rules, different gameplay, and different maps.

This is probably going to hurt... and be hilarious.

This is probably going to hurt… and be hilarious.

These gameplay elements form together to create insanely funny game modes like assassins creed where you have to jump from a building and attack the other player, or gun; which is a game mode where your arm is fired at the other person like a gun and you have to line up a perfect shot. The gameplay is unlike any other game I’ve seen and yet its just as frustratingly hilarious as Surgeon Simulator. Not to mention it has amazingly good physics and blood graphics.

Red Wins

Altogether, Toribash is a game that continues to impress me with the hilarious poses you get in, the amazing combat control, and the vast expansive world of pre-installed mods. If you happen to like great smooth, simple graphics with blood physics and physics in general, then you will love Toribash. Also if you happen to like amazing multiplayer and hilariously awkward controls of the player, then you’ll want to try this game out. It’s free on Steam or just as a download and has a great community full of people that are actually quite nice.