Total War Thrones of Britannia launch

The teams at Creative assembly continue to expand and improve their lineup of strategy warfare options. Their recent releases have focused on the fantasy realm of Warhammer with great success and acclaim. With the historical crowd feeling a little neglected CA announced Thrones of Britannia chronicling the most important period in the creation of the British Empire.

This rich time period features historic titans like Alfred The Great who forged England into one rule against hordes of invading Vikings lead by the sons of Ragnar Lothbrook and later Guthrum king of the Danes. With Thrones of Britannia, the formation or destruction of the future British empire is in your hands with each turn, each decision, each battle. CA has reworked recruiting, governing, diplomacy and much more creating a familiar scaffolding with a wholly new covering of options and decisions that should delight and challenge any fan of the series.

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