Total War: WARHAMMER In-Engine Trailer is Epic

Jul 21, 2015

The brilliant minds of SEGA and developer The Creative Assembly have released a trailer for the upcoming Total War: Warhammer. The trailer’s grand moments of massive battles, angry trolls, and fire-breathing dragons are admittedly quite breathtaking, but the best part of this is the fact that every second of this trailer is taken from in-engine footage.

The trailer was released over the weekend, and it is the first in a series of cinematic trailers rendered in-engine, that will introduce this game.


Buckbeak, is that you?

What’s so great about this trailer?

For those not familiar with game trailers, there has been a consistent trend of trailers that feature pre-rendered  CG footage. The trailer can tell us that a game is coming out, but it really means nothing if we can’t get a clear idea of what the game is going to be like.

This trailer certainly gives us an idea of what Warhammer’s impressive experience will offer. Monsters, like those trolls and dragons mentioned earlier, will cause massive amounts of damage to armies, fracturing you or your rivals’ hopes of a sure victory.


These guys are nasty, and can devastate your armies.

These guys are nasty, and can devastate your armies.

What is Total War: WARHAMMER?

This is an wonderful combination of the in-game strategy experience found in the Total War franchise and the deep lore of Games Workshop’s Warhammer. It’s been reported that The Creative Assembly is developing the game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. We’ll have more information on this, soon.

In the meantime Stay tuned on July 30 when Creative Assembly is set to release a developer walkthrough of the “Battle of Black Fire Pass.”