Dec 14, 2017


Action Lab Comics

Writer/Artist: Marty LeGrow

Have you ever wondered where toymakers get all of their ideas? Well wonder no longer! Enter a world where the hottest kid’s toys are based on real people. This class of students must prove they are the best toys for the job, competing against friends and enemies at Dollington Academy to achieve action figure fame… all while being just 6 inches tall.

When a new student named Minky arrives at Dollington Academy, Trixie Tangle is determined to make her feel welcome. But when Minky turns out to be a mermaid. Trixie is not so sure she can help this fish out of water feel at home on land. And if you are thinking that this is going to be a boring, Barbie-like book, you would be wrong. These characters are all unique and come right off the page through their words, personalities, and the style in which they are drawn.

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Book 1 in this volume introduces us to Trixie and the Academy. This is done in a very creative way by Marty LeGrow. Instead of being walked around and introduced to everybody, it is done through a welcome letter from Trixie to Minky. The second book gives us a better understanding of the secondary characters and what these “bittles” want out of life. If the amount of characters feels overwhelming, do not worry, there are cute profiles between books that give more depth to each toy hopeful.

The third and fourth books are where the action starts taking off. I am not going to give too may details about what goes on because I like to keep my reviews spoiler-free. Just know that there are more twists and turn in this book that you would expect. Of course, I am not talking about the kind of action you would see in a DC or Marvel comic, but that is not to downplay what goes on in these pages. Through the eyes of these little people, we get a glimpse into ourselves. We can learn a lot about friendship and acceptance from the students of Dollington. So do not let the “lightness” of Toyetica fool you, this is a serious good read.

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Okay, I will be the first to admit that maybe first impressions might not sell you on this comic. If you are not convinced that there is a solid story in these pages, you should at least check out the art. LeGrow has managed to create a world of very different and distinct characters. My personal favorite is Bunnard, he has the kid of spirit I like in my hero.

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