Two Guys, a Girl, and a Scene, Episode #2 – GWW Radio’s Newest Entertainment Podcast Debut

But not really, because technically the SNN Special: Top 5 Films of 2015 so far was our first episode. But don’t worry. If you missed the soft launch of our new show, you can certainly jump right in here. But I would suggest you go back and listen to that first episode, just so you do not miss anything. Welcome to Two Guys, a Girl, and a Scene.

Tonight is our monthly “Issues” episode, where we go back to the Top 5 episode that precedes it and expand on any issues that came out of that discussion, controversial or not. Tonight we cover sexism in movies, how the impressions of others color or don’t color our reviews or overall enjoyment of a movie or TV episode, and many other deep thoughts on entertainment and film. Give a listen quick, because we’ll be recording our Viewing Room episode next week, where we will be discussing our group viewing of Beasts of No Nation, so you do not want to get behind!

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Parlipod #151: Parlipod Country

Here is the show’s overall description on iTunes so that you are hip to the flavor of what we’ll be bringing you each and every episode. Enjoy!

“Jon and Agasicles thought they were doing just fine as a duo. But then Sarah came along and things really started to take off. A casual conversation during the aftershow of one night’s recording, and the three decided to move in together. Well, not really. Actually, they live in entirely different parts of the country. But their love of film is a thing that binds them across the intervening miles. Join these three friends as they break down every bit of movie and TV content they can devour in a unique and unusual format. And…scene.”

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