Ubisoft E3 Press Conference Summary

Jun 22, 2015

Ubisoft really brought it to E3 this year and by that, I mean they literally brought their games to E3. Nearly all of the games presented to the masses during their press conference were available to play at their booth, either as a demo or as a practical beta test. Not only that, but many of their games are open for beta testing in one way or another. It’s very exciting, but let’s recap what rep Aisha Tyler (our beloved Lana Kane) covered this year and what to look forward to coming out from Ubisoft in the coming months.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Starting off with a chuckle, Aisha introduced South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker to present the newest outcome of the duo’s endeavors into video games. Despite claiming to never wanting to do a video game again, Matt and Trey turned out a game where the kids are now superheros fighting against the evil Butters into an adventure for the player to discover “why your butthole is amazing”.



For Honor

After receiving what Aisha delicately described as “constructive feedback” or “Online teabagging in an NSFW Reddit thread”, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot came up to present their newest IP in a big way. For Honor is a melee-based combat game where you can be the most intense of warriors; play as either a viking, a knight, or a samurai to master the “art of battle”. Creative Director Jason Vadenberghe says that this game will make you feel the warriors adrenaline rush in a mulit-player mode that will let you battle in a 4 x 4 face-off.

They presented this by having a live, PS4 platform match that showed awesome focused attacks and gruesome super kills like beheadings to humiliate the losers. Jason invited those at E3 to test the demo at their booth during the conference and for those looking to join the beta testing to sign up at ForHonorgame.com


Tom Clancy’s The Division

With the coming of a new addition to the Tom Clancy family of games, Game Director Ryan Barnard announced a new, open-world r free-for-all that leaves a taste of Day Z on the pallet. Set in a decrepit Manhattan, players will be forced to question everyone, everything, and everywhere because trust is not guaranteed. You can play solo or with others, everyone itching to get into the “Dark Zone” or the infected area that will leave some betrayed and some victorious. In the on-stage play through, a group briefly joins together to overcome hostiles before human nature kicks in and only one is left standing with all the loot. With a beta in the works for PS4, XBO, and PC early next year and the full game coming on March 8, 2016 to all platforms, this is my favorite pick of what I’m looking forward to Ubisoft releasing.


Just Dance 2015

For those of you who love to shake it, shake it, the new version of Just Dance has some fun new features that will keep you, your grandma, and even ol’ rover dancing like no one is watching. EP Jason Altman made the big announcement that for those unwilling or unable to throw down cash for a console camera, you are now going to be able to use your smartphone to interact with the game. For those who have the camera already, you can still use yours. Additionally, there will be a new subscription service available in October 2015 for those playing on PS4, XBO or the WiiU that will let them have “Dance on Demand”; this will give subscribers first access to new songs and media year round.

Sadly, this was all presented by a less than thrilling impromptu concert  by Jason Derulo that did not make this girl feel like dancing… at… all.

Just Dance 2015


Rainbow Six Siege

The newest in the long Rainbow Six line has taken a serious turn for the impressive, even going so far as to cast actress Angela Bassett as the Rainbow Deputy Director, Six, for this newest installment. Siege will be featuring the Terrohunt mode, a solo or 4 player co-op where you must outsmart terrorists who can lead assaults and where every surface is in play. They demoed some awesome drone scouting and environment interaction that made it seem even that much more realistic. The live demo went well during the conference, but supposedly the team lost their mission in the rehearsal, so it’s good to know even the pros goof up. Available in beta coming September 24, all platforms will be able to try both the PvP and the Terrohunt modes.


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

The newest in the AC franchise is the most modern game we’ve had yet; setting us in 1868 London in the heat of the Industrial Revolution, Jacob and Evie Fry will be ruling the underground with the help of the Rooks. Lets all hope that the newest gameplay runs a little more smoothly than in previous games, because the storyline looks exciting and immersing. Available to play in Los Angeles and in 7 cities across Europe and Australia, go check out AssassinsCreed.Ubi.com for more details.


Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Last up of the bigger announcements was the presentation of a beautiful trailer that brings us to South America fighting the Santa Muerte drug cartel from the shadows. Ubisoft Paris is bringing us into a new open world of chases, headshots, and stealth kills, not to mention an onslaught of vehicles, environments, and missions.




And now for a few of the smaller, but no less exciting announcements:

The Crew: Wildrun

The Crew world will be getting bigger with the upcoming expansion pack that will add more maps, championships, and “Summits” to compete in all across the States. Everyone wins with this one because it will be available on both PC and consoles.

The Crew: Wildrun

Anno 2205

The newest city builder from Ubisoft will have you literally going to the moon… once you have enough experience. This came from the Blut Byte engine and looks to be coming to beta later this year. If you’re looking for a Sim City fix with a space twist, this just might be for you.

Anno 2205

Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max 

Have you ever thought to yourself, “self, why aren’t I controlling a cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn?” Fear no more, good friend, your time has come. Trials Fusion’s newest expansion pack will have you doing just that. Little more was said, so you’ll just have to keep your eye on the horizon for your warm-nostril steed.

Trackmania Turbo

This racing game has 200 new maps and the added bonus of being able to randomly generate an entirely new track before your very eyes. Play by yourself against time ghosts or in 4 player mode against friends in this dizzying, bright and colorful new game that is finally being ported to consoles. Warning: not for those who might get motion sickness… or are hungover.


As always, go to the comments or to Twitter and tell us what you hated, what you liked, and what you’re changing your pants after seeing announced!