Undiscovered Country #8 (REVIEW)

Sep 22, 2020

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Undiscovered Country #8
Image Comics

Written by: Scott Snyder & Charles Soule
Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli & Leonardo Marcello Grassi
Colors by: Matt Wilson
Letters by: Crank!

As things are getting crazier in Undiscovered Country, everything is starting to make more sense. Yes, that’s a paradoxical point, but it’s true, especially once you make it to Undiscovered Country #8.

By now you know: anything goes. But there’s more to this new United States than what we saw throughout the group’s battle with the Destiny Man. A lot more.

Since Scott Snyder and Charles Soule’s characters are getting their first look at all of this, we know as much as they do each step of the way. It can be frustrating at times — mainly because of Dr. Sam Elgin — but the reader is never the only one that’s annoyed.

But reader’s experience so much more emotion throughout this story, especially in Undiscovered Country #8. A big reason for that: the characters featured in each panel who aren’t talking are still reacting. That happens with Charlotte Graves in Undiscovered Country #8 more than any.

It may seem so small, but it makes such a difference. Because, we’re dealing with a lot of characters who we only just met. Some are at the forefront more than others, so it’s great we can continue to learn more about each individual even though they’re not necessarily talking as much.

That’s just one of several things Giuseppe Camuncoli and Leonardo Marcello Grassi have done well.

(WARNING: Spoilers for Undiscovered Country #8.)

We learned in Undiscovered Country #7 that Sam was back, sort of. I thought it’d be a clone, but I think we now know based on what happens toward the end of the book what’s really going on there.

Per usual, Sam limits the amount of insight provides. But at least we have a better idea of what’s going on with the 13 zones. Quite the shift from Destiny to Unity — great names by the way.

Destiny feels like a warped version of America in the early-to-mid 1800s when expanding west (manifest destiny) was a major priority. Unity is clearly a crazy-tech future — an era in which we’d all be closer. Again, something small, but a great touch. 

Makes me wonder what’s in store with Possibility. Speaking of which, Snyder and Soule better make good on their Davy Crockett tease!

Score: 9.0