Unfortunate Origins in “Bloodlines” #2

May 4, 2016

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BLDLN-Cv2-a076cBloodlines #2
DC Comics

Written by: J.T. Krul
Art by: V. Ken Marion, Sean Parsons
Colors by: Andrew Dalhouse, Sotocolor

Bloodlines continues to delve out the origin stories as issue 2 breaks away from Eddie and we learn a little more about the other “chosen” few. Bloodlines isn’t breaking new ground but it is telling an entertaining story with unique and varied characters. It hits all the superhero notes we comic book readers love and although it all feels a bit familiar, its not necessarily a bad thing. Bloodlines #2 opens with the earth being seeded by mysterious nanobots falling from a passing meteor. We are then taken through a montage of super power as JT Krul introduces us once again to our cast, but this time as they discover there powers for the first time. This leads to one particular shocking and gruesome moment that may not only expose them but bring them together to confront this new threat.

As I stated above Bloodlines #2 isn’t exactly injecting new blood into the superhero genre but J.T. Krul still manages to keep the reader BLDLN-2-1-98816intrigued by blending a sense of realism to the power discovery trope. Getting super powers wouldn’t exactly be an easy gig and chances are learning you have them and trying to control them would cause some harm and damage. Krul explores this fact to great affect as it immediately as tragedy to our heroes giving us something to relate too. While these moments are great they are also fleeting as Krul has to jungle multiple origins at once while still anchoring the reader to Eddie and his role in this grand play. It all moves very quickly and we don’t get to spend a lot of time with anyone outside of Eddie, but these moments especially Faith’s (the little girl on the cover), are intense and give these super powered beings a very human feel.

The art of Bloodlines is detailed and beautiful as V. Ken Marion pencils invoke an Anime style with a western tint. When you image comic book art in your mind it looks like art of Bloodlines, detailed cartoonish characters, living in a world of bright and bountiful color.  The art team really shines on Bloodlines as every page feels at home in the comics medium as its the right blend of 90’s style and the subtle of modern comics.

Bloodlines isn’t a comic that will win awards or break molds, but damn is it entertaining and a great example as to why we read comics. Bloodlines is a comic I would recommend to new readers as they will experience all the necessary tropes and tragedies that come along with becoming a superhero for maybe the first time. It’s not a terrible way to have this story be told and the art will surely keep you interested as Bloodlines #2 brutally unfolds its tale.