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Oct 25, 2022


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Lovesick #1 Cvr

For some individuals, there are limits to love – while others offer themselves completely. Based upon the crimson pages of Image Comics new series, Lovesick, the measure of what some will do for love is more than 10ccs. But for every fan there will always be a foil. For Domino, it’s those who refuse to be dominated; because they want to.

Lovesick #1

Image Comics

Story and Art by: Luana Vecchio
English Adaption: Edward Cao

There isn’t even room to argue that the average comic reader is a voyeur of sorts. Luana Vecchio merely hits PLAY on a different sort of production. One that is definitely NSFW – and more suitable for FET. With another day at the office for Domino and her Domino Girls. The dark web is their domain, though there are darker dieties than the DEMON MOTHER. This isn’t her chosen alias, rather one she earns from those boys who won’t move beyond. Of course since love is all you need, and they can’t find any, what do they have left to offer but hate.

Lovesick #1 Img

Lovesick #1 is an exploration into devotion with a dose of deviance. Knowing full well that love hurts, this book doesn’t beat around the bush. And it isn’t for those who easily blush. Whether she is wearing more or less, Domino is a definite showoff. While putting on a “sexual” show. Since there isn’t a body dump it’s hard to say they are snuff – but there is the scent on every scene. The blood soaked rooms, aptly named Redrooms in the forums, are enough to warrant a warrant.

Some readers may have ignorance or are simply too innocent to understand the worlds Lovesick is introducing. But if you only focus on the dominatrix, however distasteful her profession may seem, other entities continue to operate in the shadow. Domino could be like many content creators – stuck at 1k or less. Whatever you think of whatever she is selling, there is someone buying.

The idolatry which her subscribers show Domino hopefully earns a hefty sum. Especially since it also earns her so much hate. Is Domino’s hazing more than they can handle? Or is it just a problem with the hand holding the whip? And how well Domino (man)handles it.

Lovesick #1 Img

Vecchio truly captures each moment of Domino’s day. This creates a cinematic sequence which feels in rhythm with the songs featured in the story’s script. From her own show theme song to Joan Jett and the Bllackhearts, this comic makes it explicit what Domino offers and expects in return.

Another thing that stands out is how well this comic captures the complexity of Domino’s “duties”. There are moments at which there is vulnerability visible through the vinyl. An isolation and longing for more that her pigs and trolls share as well.

Lovesick is a stunning visual comic. Most definitely explicit, some may say excessive. What isn’t excessive is the lettering. Other than dialogue and chatroom text this comic is narrative free. There isn’t much need to explain – most of what this comic contains is self evident. After this first issue, if you don’t know now you know; notorious.

Score: 9.1