Unleashing Polimec: Empowering Polkadot Innovations through Decentralized Funding

May 20, 2024

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Polimec Decentralized Funding Protocol


The Decentralized Funding protocol Polimec aims to facilitate community-funded Polkadot initiatives by allowing teams to issue tokens and raise funds transparently, while complying with regulatory requirements.


Polimec’s introduction marks the beginning of a new era for community-funded projects within the Polkadot ecosystem. It provides a platform for teams to raise funds through token issuance in a transparent and compliant manner.

Main Points

The first project featured on Polimec is Apillon, serving as an infrastructure solution for web3 developers. Other initiatives such as Gotem, ImpactScope, and Mandala Chain will also utilize Polimec for fundraising. The platform connects global investors and projects, offering a regulatory-compliant environment while maintaining decentralization essential to web3.

Users participating in Polimec projects must undergo Deloitte KYC Credential verification to access financing details, project evaluations, and funding round participation. Projects can conduct multiple financing rounds, allowing investors to select rounds that align with their preferences.

Protocol governance on Polimec is managed by PLMC holders, a technical committee, and an on-chain council. Any PLMC holder can propose changes, subject to token holder voting approval.


Polimec provides a platform for emerging web3 projects in the Polkadot ecosystem to achieve their financial goals, enabling them to address practical issues and develop innovative blockchain solutions. It also offers transparent and compliant funding opportunities for investors interested in web3 projects.

The Evaluation and Funding Rounds on Polimec showcase the future of web3 fundraising, allowing the Polkadot community to assess and support cutting-edge projects seeking funding to advance their ideas.