Ushering in A New Belief in UFOs & Their Occupants- “Moment of Contact” By James Fox

Oct 21, 2022

“Moment of Contact” The new UFO documentary film by director James Fox has debuted on most major streaming sites, for purchase in either SD or HD for 14.99- 199.99 respectively. This film also had a theatrical premiere in California The day prior to its arrival for the public on the 17th of October.

The film features the famous Brazilian UFO case of Varginha. Residents of the city recall seeing a UFO crash and skip off the plains of a pasture, later witness testimony and other evidence suggest at least two beings were seen, and apprehended by authorities.

“The Phenomenon”

James Fox has been a renowned member of the UFO community for years, his first UFO based film, “Out of the Blue” premiered in 2003. The director had been put on to the phenomenon by a friend, sparking a lifelong interest, he started down a path doing his own research. James became fascinated of the scope of it all. At the heart, whether the U.S government had been actively suppressing, or covering up information related to the UFO truth. Seeing this, it was the biggest story of all mankind, he set his sights on getting to the truth of it all. One film at a time, one witness at a time.

“I Know what I Saw”

Fox’ second documentary hit screens in 2009, “I Know What I Saw” rehashed the infamous Phoenix Lights case, this time going further by covering high-level witness testimony being given at the National Press Club. This was the basis of the film ( A genius Idea when your on a budget) coupled with appearances from [Arizona] Governor Fife Symington who in the remastered director’s cut of James 1st film, came out saying he actually did see the craft, & that he had made a joke of it to not further scare the public, which was at the time pretty shaken up. Fife Symington even went on to declare that he thought it was in-fact an “Alien Spacecraft.”

Artist Rendition of the “Beings” seen by 3 young girls in Varginha Brazil In The Famous UFO Crash Story.

James Fox, unlike other film-makers in the UFO field, took his films seriously, and did not include the fluff, and usual effects and flash that others used to keep audiences engaged or interested. His stories were gripping enough, well written and narrated to perfection. He did not need what others needed, because the films were telling an already captivating story.

“Moment of Contact”

In his newest film, instead of re-telling the entire UFO history, Fox sticks to one case in particular. Varginha Brazil, 1996. The [Varginha UFO] incident involved a series of events in 1996. A plethora of citizens (including Military and Hospital workers) of VarginhaBrazil. Reported seeing one or more strange creatures, and at least one UFO. New witnesses featured in this new film, add a 2nd UFO, after the crash, potentially searching for their fallen friends. Stories in the media claim, one or more extra-terrestrial beings were captured by the Brazilian military. Later being handed off to the United States for further research and study.

Artist Rendition of the "Beings" seen by 3 young girls in Varginha Brazil In The Famous UFO Crash Story. Moment of Contact By James Fox
Artist Rendition of the “Beings” seen by 3 young girls in Varginha Brazil In The Famous UFO Crash Story.

This film has testimony that will raise the hair on your arms, it’s that chilling. James Fox and his crew did a FANTASTIC job with this re-telling of the story, that although did receive media attention in 96′, ironically does not make it into many mainstream UFO documentaries, Shows, Etc. After Surveying my podcast audience, 72% of them said that they had not yet heard of this case until Fox’s announcement of his making of the film.

“Ushering In a New Wave of UFO belief”

“Moment Of Contact” is not just a must-watch for UFO/UAP enthusiasts, but, for every single person on this planet. Although the thought that this really happened can be frightening. It is important that we understand the fact that we are not alone, and possibly never have been. Its plausible that we lack the ability to see or comprehend these UAP and their occupants unless [they] desire. Its also plausible that they are observing Earth and Humans because they played a role in our creation.

If any of it is possible, that means all of it is possible. That is why this topic is so interesting, and why this film is so important to the narrative. The “being” felt scared. Most likely seeking help. In The end, they were unfamiliar with the terrain, eyewitness testimony implied. Unfortunately, being[Extra-terrestrials]intercepted by a government. Seeking to study and weaponize the technology/biology of these visitors outweighed our compassion for intelligent life. Get ready to ride the edge of your seat, “Moment of Contact” is available now!

P.s- With The Phenomenon, and following it up with Moment of Contact, James Fox May have earned the G.O.A.T Status In UFOlogy Media. What do you think? Comment on this post, or message us On Twitter

SCORE: 9.4/10

Directed By James Fox- Moment of Contact is Now available On Itunes, Amazon Prime, & Vudu for purchase- Rent on Nov. 1st, 2022

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