Vampironica #4 Review

Oct 23, 2018

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Vampironica #4
Archie Comics

Script: Greg and Megan Smallwood
Art: Greg Scott, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli 
Cover: Greg Smallwood
Variant Covers: Francesco Francavilla, Fiona Staples

Previously, Veronica has been trying to adjust to her new vampire lifestyle and track the vampire who turned her parents with the help of Dilton Doiley. Now with the help of Dilton and Archie Andrews, she is headed to Cheryl Blossom’s pool party in the hopes of stopping Riverdale’s new threat before everyone is craving human blood.

Vampironica #4 starts immediately where the previous left off as our gang is ready to take on the undead with holy water filled water guns and the classic campy attitude I expect from an Archie Comic. After reaching the party and hashing it out with Cheryl Blossom, Veronica is confronted by a vampire Reggie who she left after being turned in hopes of avoiding drinking his blood. Veronica punches him and admits she never wanted to go out with him in the first place. All the pool party guests are now aware of the new threat and the vampires try to get an edge on Veronica as she continues searching for clues on the order of the dragon.

This comic is the perfect amount of camp, humor, and blood. The Smallwood’s writing is superb and I continue to love Veronica’s character. She is an empowered teenage girl now with fangs and an attitude that will kick you in the teeth if need be. One of my favorite aspects of Archie Comics has always been Veronica and Betty’s relationship. This issue gives us more of two characters together as well as other Archie Comic classics including Jughead. Scott and Herms’ work on the art continues to be unique and well suited for the tone of the book. Additionally, Morelli’s lettering choices add to the fun and campy element of the comic particularly on the panel with Veronica and Cheryl Blossom.

Vampironica continues to be one of my favorite comics on shelves right now. If you are a fan of horror comics, campy Halloween movies or the Archie Comics horror line this is right up your alley. The issue is out October 24, 2018, at comic stores everywhere and features an array of incredible variant covers.