VIDEO: Divinity Original Sin: Rocking Down To Electric Avenue (Part 59)

Apr 30, 2015

In this part we move on after saving Ralfie’s life for PETA. We hit a dead end and decide to go south deeper into the woods. Little do we know that some wussy little Immaculate guy thinks he freaking owns the woods and tells us we aren’t allowed to go where we please… Do we obey his demands that we stay out of No Man’s Land? Find out on this part of Adam & Everett play: Divinity Original Sin!

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Geeks With Wives comics editor Everett and his buddy Adam (resident table top gaming expert) dive into Divinity Original Sin Co-op with their characters Undead Fred (Everett) and Flare (Adam).

Intro music:
Ho Baby Feels So Good – vocals (royalty free & paid for)

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