Wacom One Creative Pen Display (Review)

May 24, 2020

I’ve drawn on paper predominantly my whole life, and as I got older, I was in awe at those who made digital art. I’ve had two tablets so far, and now, I am here to review my third: the Wacom One Creative Pen Display. My first tablet was a bare bones one with no display, by, wait for it, Wacom! I loved it, and it worked really well, but I found I didn’t like watching the computer screen as I drew. I felt disconnected from the drawing experience. I decided to go for a display tablet, but just wanted to get one to try out to see if it was something I would like. I got a Parblo display tablet, and while it got the job done, it had its faults, and certainly wasn’t quite the professional tablet I was looking for – but it confirmed the fact that a display tablet was what I needed.

And now I’ve returned to the OG tablet maker Wacom, with their smallest and most affordable pen display tablet, and I’m here to tell you what I think, and if it’s something you should look into as well. Overall, it’s great. The perfect beginner tablet for those wanting to try out pen display tablets. Check out my full review below on the GWW YouTube Channel!