WandaVision Subplot Inspired by John Byne’s ‘Vision Quest’ Comic

Jul 24, 2020


Murphy’s Multiverse is reporting WandaVision will involve a key story-line from Wanda and Vision’s long storied comic book history. While we know a lot of WandaVision will take place in alternate realties created by out titular character, there are also a lot of real world elements at play including the introduction of S.W.O.R.D., so there is a scenario where they can factor into this next part. The website reports trusted sources have informed them a WandanVision subplot will center around around Wanda’s real world attempts to collect the scattered pieces of Vision and reassemble them to bring the android back to life.

Now, the report admits missing key information as to why Wanda needs to collect the scattered remains of The Vision, as last we left him in Avengers: Infinity War, he was undoubtedly deceased by still very much whole. My only though here is maybe she isn’t reassembling his “body” but instead on a hunt for key components Alien, otherworldly or super tech, that will allow her replace the stone’s power and bring The Vision back from the dead.

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While we may get more insight into how Wanda’s vision quest will play out as we learn more about the show, another interesting element featured in Byne’s run is the appearance of the all white Vision design. Expanding on this report I imagine The Vision could get his new look as a side-effect from whatever new components Wanda finds to revive him.

How ever this plays out this new information is certainly interesting and only deepens the mystery that is WandaVision.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse

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