Wayne T. Carr Joins POP! Culture Corner

Jul 31, 2021

Image Courtesy POP! Culture Corner/The GWW

Actor, Director, & Teacher Wayne T. Carr Joined TY from The GWW & POP! Culture Corner to discuss his life and career in Theater, Film, & Television. Wayne was brought on to Zack Snyder’s Justice League cast once Warner Brothers Green-lit Zack and Co. To finish the rough cut of the movie and debut it on HBOmax.

The conversation aims to explore the mind of someone who balances teaching performing arts to aspiring kids in the field, as well as booking his own gigs and being an up and coming actor himself. We discuss everything from the unseen footage of his Green Lantern, as well as what he did to get into the mindset of playing a character that means so much to the comic book community. John Stewart first appeared In “Green Lantern Volume 2 #84,” In December of 1971. John Stewart has become a major recurring character in the DC and Green Lantern mythos from Issues 184-200 In “Green Lantern Volume 2” After Hal Jordan gives up being Green Lantern(1984-1986).

It is hard to say if we will ever see Wayne T. Carr’s version of the character from Zack Snyder’s World of DC characters, but, He is one of the most genuine people I have ever got the chance to talk to. Watch The Full Episode above to Hear all the other stuff we got to discuss!