WB Rumored To Be Considering ‘Teen Titans’ Movie; Will It Include Nightwing and Deathstroke?

Nov 27, 2015

Rumored news on potential DC Comics film spin-offs from their current film slate has been all over the internet in recent months. We have reports on a possible Booster Gold & Blue Beetle movie along with DC fast tracking a Justice League: Dark film. And just last week a Birds of Prey movie was rumored.

Now, JoBlo claims to have heard that DC Comics is considering making a live-action Teen Titans film instead (but not confirmed) of the already announced Cyborg film in 2020.

This comes as a bit of shock considering that a supposed Teen Titans show was in the works at TNT. But unfortunately news on that project has been extremely quite as of late which might have to do with them just going ahead with a feature instead.  They also want more prominent female DC characters live Raven or Starfire…

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Considering that the actor playing Cyborg (Ray Fisher) was born in 1988, making him closer to his 30’s, it’s very unlikely the film will take the name we all know. Even more so, if Dick Grayson is apart of the lineup he’d also be around his 30’s, as Adam Driver was linked for the role in Batman v Superman, before the character was apparently written out of the film.

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I doubt they’d exclude Dick Grayson from the lineup, and from what we’ve been hearing he’ll be the more mature Nightwing in the films, not Robin. Nightwing is now expected to be introduced in the next solo Batman film, so it’s possible that with the exception of Beast Boy we might be looking at lineup in their 30’s rather than in their teens. We’ve all noticed the tone of these films, it’s hardly going to be geared towards a younger crowd or families. I’m thinking this Titans movie might be as dark as we’ve seen with the other films, a large departure from the kiddie cartoon series.

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This could leave room for the Carrie Kelley Robin, but she would be better suited for Birds of Prey or even a major supporting role in these new Batman films via the new material Frank Miller is grinding out for Dark Knight III and other work he’ll include Kelley. Apparently, there is talk of Miller turning Carrie into a new detective figure within the comics.

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We’ve also been hearing how important Deathstroke is going to be to the DC Comics Cinematic Universe, who just happened to get his start as a major Teen Titans villain known then as The Terminator. This could be a great entry point for the villain, who is rumored to be in non-supervillan mode in Suicide Squad. David Goyer had been developing Team 7 and a Deathstroke solo film for ages, so it’s possible they have big plans for the character beyond supporting roles.

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This potential spin-off was actually mentioned by Elmayimbe last month on Collider: Heroes but it wasn’t picked up by many websites at the time. That DC Comics is looking to have several “teams” in their cinematic universe

Justice League – All Star Superheroes team

Suicide Squad – All Star Villains team

Justice League: Dark – All Star Misfits/Supernatural team

Teen Titans – Teenage Superhero team (not looking like that’s the case)

Birds of Prey – Female superhero team