We Have a Hulk #90 – Incredibles 2 and Amanda Troop

In this weeks episode we review the latest Pixar film – Incredibles 2! We’re also joined by actor Amanda Troop who voices Maggie Sawyer in Warner Bros’ latest DC animated film The Death of Superman. Nicola also runs through her top comic book picks of the week and in this weeks Hulk Topics we discuss what you’re current TV gems are, enjoy!

00:00 – 08:44 Intro & AHWTH
08:44 – 21:25 The Incredibles 2 spoiler free review
21:25 – 42:05 Amanda Troop Interview
42:05 – 48:52 Comic Book Corner
48:52 – 59:49 Hulk Topics
59:49 – 01:03:00 Outro

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