Weakless (Review)

Dec 30, 2019

Developed by Punk Notion & Cubeish Games
Published by Punk Notion

In life and love, more often than not it takes two to make things work. Things that pair together are almost essential . Peanut butter and jelly; peaches and cream; anything and bacon. In Weakless, you need to stick together because one is blind and the other is deaf. The two of you are the only ones that can help save your tribe from a blight that threatens to destroy your lands.

Weakless starts off with a very artistic opening in which the world of the Weavelings, the race of woodland creatures we follow, is explained. We then see our two heroes, one born blind and the other deaf, being shunned by their tribe. Through some divine intervention, our heroes are brought together and start to help each other. Thoughout the start, the two need to complete puzzles to get further through to restore the lands.

The Blind One (left) and Deaf One meeting for the first time.
The Blind One (left) and Deaf One meeting for the first time.

Firstly, I very much enjoyed the interactions and usage of the two mains. Using the Deaf One showed you the vibrant, detailed visual look of the world. Besides shedding light on some of the muted views of the world, you get to enjoy the artwork from the world it sees. The Blind One has a very Daredevil-esque view on the world with the use of his staff. Banging it on the ground allows it to see details of both the ground and extended areas. Along with that, it has the ability to hear and enjoy the sounds and music of the tribe.

The Blind One getting a better view of the world
The Blind One getting a better view of the world

The visuals and sounds of this game are very well thought out and attention to detail. When you’re the Deaf One, the tones are very muted and subdued. The Blind One has a black & white, limited view of the world. However, each one’s other view on the surroundings is spectacular. The depth and richness of the music that you hear and the sounds while performing puzzles as the Blind One is amazing. Seeing the brightness and richness of the world through the artwork of the Deaf One is quite stunning. Gameplay throughout is gentle to pick up as you learn the additional abilities of the two. You see and hear the solving of puzzles using their innate abilities to the benefit of the other.

Overall the game was very pleasurable to play and it really was enjoyable from an abstract point of view. As a former musician, it was very pleasing and enjoyable to hear the organic music and the various sounds. The visuals were very lush and inviting and really pulled you into the world of the Weavelings. This game is definitely a great pickup for your collection for a casual play-through.

Weakless is currently out for Xbox One and will be out for PC early in 2020.

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