Build Your First Army for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings by Para Bellum

Heather Houston

January 27, 2022

You've Decided to Play Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings

One Warlord

An army consists of one Warlord, while they will have their Warband. There are many character options from which to choose and many styles available. As point values grow, to say a 1500p army, the player needs to have additional characters and warbands.

So Many Possibilities!

Each Warband must consist of one character and up to four regiments. Many like to split mainstay with restricted regiments to spread power and acquire balance.

Vanguards to the rescue

I wasn't sure of how best to approach this brand new concept to me. I reached out to the Vanguard community on Discord...

Wylie Caras Tier 2 Vanguard Iowa

"I try to envision what I aim for that unit to accomplish and what they  need to do so...

Wylie Caras Tier 2 Vanguard Iowa

...if I'm bringing a mounted Noble Lord, he  will need some Household Knights, and their job is to smash apart weaker  units and do flank charges...

Wylie Caras Tier 2 Vanguard Iowa

...I then kit out the regiment appropriately  with a standard-bearer extra stand or two for greater survivability."

Start Small

It's best to start with a 750p or even 600p army. 

I even made a little something for you!

A simple template to fill in when making your first army...

Everybody's gotta love a template right?!

I'd never played a war game, and I decided to go the "Fall in Love" route. II chose the Dweghom, slow but fierce.

Vanguard Zarail suggests finding your local Vanguard to walk you through your options and even run you through a game to see what you like.