Para Bellum’s Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings Quick Intro

Jan 12, 2022

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings Nords Cover Art

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings by Para Bellum has been around for a couple of years. Recently, it has been gaining ground around the world. Where RPG-style gameplay is all about cooperation and teamwork, war games are about bringing your opponent’s meticulously crafted and painted miniatures to their knees. The fun is in the chase and roll of the dice where Dungeons-and-Dragons fantasy meets old-school wargaming.

What is Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings?

Para Bellum Wargames created miniature games of skirmish battles style play. The battlefield is a 4’x4′ or 4’x6′ table with dice and a plethora of miniatures that you assemble and paint. Score points when you destroy a regiment or character and when secret secondary conditions are met. Winning the game means you’ve scored more points than your opponent within ten turns.

There are currently 5 factions, with a new, highly anticipated one coming in April:

  • The Spires – These monster space elves have mastered the art of life itself. They are effecient soldiers that can simply make more fodder for the enemy to destroy with biomancy.
  • The Hundred Kingdoms – The human horde is marching on those that have shattered the world. They are well-balanced, and what they lack in monstrosities they make up for in efficiency and numbers.
  • The Dweghom – Once dwarves created by the dragons through biomancy as a slave race, the dweghom overthrew their dragon lords and now leave their holds in search of glory known as Aghm. They are slow but merciless in battle.
  • The Nords – Only the harshest environment of the frozen north can produce barbarians of this measure. Accompanied by giants, winter is coming.
  • The W’adrhŭn – This orc-like race was created by the the spires through biomancy and made a life of their own. Did I mention that they ride dinosaurs?
  • The Old Dominion – They are your Roman zombie legion coming to stores in April.

New Strategy Battle System

Rank-and-file gameplay gives a new feel over other systems. Players influence the community from votes on upcoming products to play-testing rules. Grab some dice and minis from your friendly neighborhood gaming shop (FNGS) and learn about this burgeoning community.

It’s easy to get started with new army kits coming and new content arriving all the time. Choose your faction based on how you play or fall in love with the fascinating lore of Eä that brings these minis to life. Watch as the soldier you have taken hours to glue together, and paint is wiped off the battlefield in seconds.

You can use the Spire’s biomancy to send Force Grown Drones down the center or send Dweghom Dragonslayers to annihilate the Abomination. It’s a brutal game of obliteration where your army is simply fodder for the other guy no matter how many thin layers of paint you used or how well you shaded them. The Hundred Kingdoms arrive in droves while the Nords bring along their monstrosities.

Demos are helpful when learning how to Play

Dweghom Hold Raegh

During a recent demo at my FNGS The Box, the Spire army marched with great numbers across the green, searching for Dweghom blood. They fought bravely with many casualties. However, the Dweghom came out with rage on their side. Their defenses held fast with their slow march toward the enemy.

The Hold Raegh bested the enemy Pheromancer in a duel for 2 points. The Dweghom, in search of Aghm, slowly but efficiently eliminated 2 more regiments for another 2 points. At the end of the 10 turns, the beefy boys (Dweghom) held fast with a 4-1 victory.

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings comes to an FNGS near you

Those attracted to the fantasy of Dungeons and Dragons with a competitive streak will enjoy this game that says cooperation is boring. There are plenty of resources to get you started on the official Para Bellum Conquest webpage. You can also add any item to your cart in the e-shop. However, the best way to get into this nice little hobby is to go to your local gaming store and request products. There you will not only find the items to play with but the community that will graciously welcome you into their open arms before destroying your forces.

So, roll low, and congratulations on your new plastic addiction.