Attack of the Beefy Boys

Let's get ramped up for the upcoming year of new releases with some Dweghom Lore not found in the Last Argument of Kings paperback rulebook 😉

Once upon a Conquest

Dragons create dwarves to craft things, but losing that knowledge was a blow they couldn't abide, granting them not only a long life but generational memory of their ancestors.

Rogues took all that rage and sought something to overturn the dragons' hold, digging deep into the heart of Eä. They discovered their salvation and a step toward freedom.

Destroyers of War's Prison

There was a price to pay for their salvation came in the re-emergence of War into Eä. Those who emerged from those caves, born of War, were the Dweghom hellbent on vengeance.

Dweghom warriors made their stand against every dragon that opposed them. Having little pity and War coursing through their veins, the battle raged on to the subjugated dwarves.

Steep Price

A Product of War

Keeping the draconic beasts and elemental constructs at their disposal, Dweghom laid waste to all that opposed them. The players in this battle having little mercy.

This is just the beginning! From Initiates to Hold Warriors, discover more about the world of the Dweghom in our next edition.