GWW Comic Pull List #7

It's our 7th time around this, you know the drill. It's time to look at this weeks comic posts.

What If…

Clearly being in the same vein of the recent Disney+ show, What If Miles Morales Became Captain America, is the first of a new five-part series. 

Strang #1

At Strange’s passing he bestowed his title to his wife. And while intent to continue her husband's legacy her desires may serve as a distraction. 

Rogue Sun #1

Radiant Black’s growing universe, now known as the Massive-Verse, is turning into something special, and the greatest addition to the group might be Rogue Sun.

Crossover #12

What can be said about the latest issue of Crossover? What the actual… How can a series get better and more intense with each new issue? 

Batman: Killing Time #1

Batman: Killing Time asks whether the perfect heist can exist in Gotham City. That theory gets put to the test by Catwoman, Croc, Penguin and Riddler. 

The Nice House on The Lake #7

The wait is finally over. The Nice House on the Lake makes its grand return after a four-month hiatus, and I’ve got to say, it was worth it. 

He’s Not a Writer He’s a Storyteller

Although the written word is very powerful, nothing invokes authority quite like the spoken word. 

How Much Time Ya Got?

Titan Comics gives readers an adventure where the sea moves and the North, as in the cardinal direction, has gone missing, and it’s truly exciting. 

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