What if Miles Morales Became Captain America #1: Marvel Comics Review

Feb 28, 2022

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What If...Miles Morales was Captain America #1 variant cover

Clearly being in the same vein of the recent Disney+ TV show, What If Miles Morales Became Captain America #1 is the first entry in a five-part series following the junior web-slinger. In this iteration, instead of being bitten by the usual super-powered spider, Miles Morales has a run in with the Super Soldier Serum that will turn him into America’s greatest superhero.

Marvel Comics
Written by: Cody Ziglar
Art by: Paco Medina
Inks by: Walden Wong, Victor Olazaba and Sean Parsons
Colors by: Chris Sotomayor
Letters by: VC’s Cory Petit

after steve

The story opens with the U.S. government continuing to work on the Super Soldier Program, but having little success after Steve Rogers has come to pass. From there, Miles literally goes from 0 to hero in the blink of an eye. The classic Aaron Davis serves as his mentor on his very brief journey to become Captain America, and Miles jumps right into the role.

Off to the adventure

Once the baseline plot is established, a fairly standard Captain America plot takes place, with some different twists. You will see a lot of familiar faces, but in different places than you may come to expect. This is quite well done in this iteration, and there are no lack of surprises in this short story. The “web” of characters around Miles actually suits a Cap’ story well, better than one would have thought. The plot is a suspenseful one, and it really made me sad that this series will be moving onto a different plot next issue.

The dialog is well written, and the art style pops out of the page. Color contrasts and variation in frame size keep the reader engaged. It pairs extremely well with a properly paced story thoroughout this issues 33 pages.

Excited for the future

If the next four issues are anything like this one, we are in for a real treat. What If Miles Morales Became Captain America #1 is a fantastic beginning for a really engaging character. Seeing Miles and his network of characters take on different roles in the Multiverse should leave any reader wanting to come back for more and more.

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