My Friendly Neighborhood.

Something happened to everyone’s favorite Saturday morning puppet show, Our Friendly Neighborhood! But what?

The Neighborhood.

In My Friendly Neighborhood you play as Gordon, a repairman sent to the Neighborhood to get to the bottom of a disturbing dilemma in the Neighborhood.

What I liked about it.

My Friendly Neighborhood is a game that can only be described as a perfect mixture hilarity and heart attacks.

With jump scares and the puppets hilarious voices and floppiness, it's perfect. But it still is so scary with the amount of jumpscares this has.


My Friendly Neighborhood is an indie horror/survival game Developed by John and Evan Szymanski and published by Dread XP

Release date

Right now there isn't a set release date for My Friendly Neighborhood  but a limited Demo for the game was released Feb 21, 2022 and lasted till the 28th.

Game Trailer

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