My Friendly Neighborhood

Feb 28, 2022

My Friendly Neighborhood
Developer: John Szymanski & Evan Szymanski
Publisher: DreadXP
Coming Soon

“Something is happening with everyone’s favorite Saturday morning puppet show, Our Friendly Neighborhood! Play as Gordon, a repairman sent to get to the bottom of this disturbing dilemma. Fend off puppets and solve puzzles in this survival horror adventure.”

We all know that morning educational show for the young’ins that consisted of humanoid puppets. There have been… a few. What if, upon return after a hiatus, the show’s main stars are acting strangely? They don’t seem quite as friendly, as they once were in your childhood.

In the upcoming Indie Horror title “My Friendly Neighborhood”, we play as a repairman, not necessarily a former fan of the show, to fix some pipes in the studio, but… should these puppets be moving around on their own? And why are they chasing you?

And why do we have a gun?

my take on the demo

This game (as of this demo) is a hearty mix of hilarity and heart attacks. I don’t do well in stressful gaming situations (just watch me get chased by creepers in Minecraft), but the voices of those puppets are just hilarious! They are quintessential puppet voices - that mixed with their floppy, colorful bodies is such a juxtaposition to the danger in this game… and all the gunfire.

For supplemental information, I did indeed watch some of my favorite YouTubers take a gander at My Friendly Neighborhood. I have to commend the creators of this game for adding a way for players to go out-of-bounds in their demo to discover secrets. That is something I see gamers do often, and to add it as a unhidden feature is just top notch. That’s someone who knows their audience!

I look forward to the full release of this game. Currently, as of writing this, the release date is TBA, but keep an eye out! I honestly see this as the next big game all over YouTube.


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