Oh, Crit! Session 2

The HIGHS and lows of staying at a nexus of Geekdom online and on the ground.

By Heather Houston

February 1, 2022

Greetings, from the GWW! 

I'm Heather.

Between prepping for the event and the family getting over Covid, it has been quite the week.

Quite the Week...

I was able to get this inked and start on her face...

Fall in love with Jody Houser's origin story on Twitter...

I've also recently become a Vanguard for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and am enjoying learning the game and organizing events.

My army wound up taking damage from their own this week but suffered no casualties. 

We recently had an event at The Box where some lucky customers were able to walk away with FREE loot!

I was a wee bit Nervous

But things were successful

I Followed the Plan anyway

How was your Week-In-Geek? Any Oh, Crit! moments?  Let me know by using hashtag #ohcrit